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Jul 20 2017
by Daphine Henderson

This Student's Mother Cross Stitched a Masterpiece After Four Years

By Daphine Henderson - Jul 20 2017

Tamara Sepúlved, a student studying English at the University of the Bío Bío in Chile, recently showed Twitter her pride and affection toward her mother after posting a picture of her mother's recent cross stitching project. This was her mother's longest project yet, and looks incredible.

"Look at the cross stitch artwork my mom made! It took 4 years and is finally ready.. Try it!!"

Sepúlveda's mother has been cross stitching for as long as she can remember. 

"She even taught me how to do it but I didn't feel as much passion as she feels," Sepúlveda told Fresh U via Twitter direct messages.

This cross stitch, which is her biggest piece of art to date, took approximately four years to complete. Her mother's usual cross stitches are much smaller and usually take a few months to make.

"She's always searching on the internet for some masterpieces that she likes," Sepúlveda said. "She has a software where she can convert any image that she likes into a cross stitch pattern." 

The large cross stitch was recreated from a Waterhouse painting, "Soul of the Rose."

The tweet has received over 53,000 retweets and over 185,000 likes. People on Twitter commended her mother and even shared their own family's work.

"When I posted the photos I had like 600 followers. I was expecting 10 likes, but then everyone started retweeting, and my phone had gone crazy!" Sepúlveda said. "What my mom and I appreciated the most were the sweet comments, and what's crazy that people from all over the world send her kind comments and congrats."

We hope to see more of these cross stitches in the future!

Lead Image Credit: @TamSepulveda via Twitter 

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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