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Apr 17 2017
by Daphine Henderson

This College Student Trolled Southwest Airlines in the Funniest Way

By Daphine Henderson - Apr 17 2017

Following the unfortunate incidents that have been occurring with United Airlines, Juan Rodriguez decided to troll another airline company on Twitter.

The Triton College sophomore decided to act as an upset customer with a bad experience on a plane at Southwest Airlines. The victim in question? Britney Spears. 

Rodriguez said to the airline via Twitter DM that a flight attendant was "extremely rude and basically harrassed me throughout my flight."

Southwest responded in a concerned manner, especially after Rodriguez went on to say the attendant called her a "fattie." The sophomore offered to send a picture, and sent a picture of "Britney."

Southwest Airlines responded, "O[o]pps, she did it again."

Rodriguez was not expecting the Southwest Airline representative to respond in the way that she did.

Rodriguez said in Twitter DM's, "At first I thought she was going to just block me, but she made a joke back which made me feel like I made her day."

Rodriguez jokingly asked Southwest for a free flight as a reward for accidentally giving them free advertisement on her Twitter: 

Many people on Twitter found the post hilarious.

Rodriguez and others also made sure the tweet was credited properly, and not stolen by a generic account.

Rodriguez's tweet has gotten over 75,000 retweets and over 118,000 likes. 

"At first I thought it wasn't going to get more than maybe a couple RT's and replies," Rodriguez said, "but after my phone started blowing up I was like wow... the power of Twitter and Britney Spears."

Rodriguez also adds: "I was shocked but very happy that I got to make people laugh and just give them something to enjoy for a bit after all the airline drama there has been lately."

Lead Image Credit: Twitter via xadoringpaige

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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