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Apr 14 2017
by Daphine Henderson

This College Class Received a Surprise Visit From 'Godzilla'

By Daphine Henderson - Apr 14 2017
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Last week, one college class had a nice kick to their day. This class at Indiana University received a pleasant surprisethe professor's son dressed up in a Godzilla costume. 

Sophomore Nathaniel Ferguson posted pictures of the child, Max, on Twitter:

Max had the day off of school. A big Godzilla fan, Max dressed up as the fictional monster last year for Halloween and has loved the costume ever sine.

Ferguson said, "He brought it [the costume] to school because this kid just loves Godzilla, and when he got to class, his mom and the class encouraged him to put the suit on, and then he walked around in it some."

People on Twitter found the event to be hilarious and adorable. 

One girl even made it her lock screen. 

Despite the surprise in the class, everyone was able to get all of their work completed with little to no distraction. 

Ferguson said the "disruption of Max walking around in his Godzilla costume was pretty minimal" and that the class even "got out a little early."

Ferguson's tweet has gotten over 83,000 retweets and 263,000 likes. 

He said: "I definitely wasn't expecting it to get as big as it did. It's also been a lot of fun, just because of how absurd it seems." 

Ferguson said something we can all agree on, "It's been a nice perk to the mid-week slump."

Not all unexpected distractions are bad. Some can brighten up even the grumpiest college kid's day. 

Lead Image Credit: Twitter via ngmferguson

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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