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Jul 25 2017
by Daphine Henderson

These High School Sophomores Bought Matching Shoes to Show Off Their Friendship

By Daphine Henderson - Jul 25 2017

High school sophomores Antonio Jimenez and Ulises Hernandez showed off their friendship on Twitter after Hernandez bought Jimenez a pair of Vans for them to wear together. 

The close friends from Mount Sac High School in California quickly went viral after Jimenez posted the pictures of Twitter.

"He [Ulises] was at the mall and he told me to meet him at his house," Jimenez said to Fresh U via Twitter direct messages. "He shows up and I open the door for him, and he shows me these shoes and tells me he got me a matching pair."

Hernandez knew that Jimenez wanted the shoes but wasn't able to buy them at the moment.

The tweet has since received over 17,000 retweets and over 57,000 likes. 

"We didn't even think it would go this far," Jimenez said. "My Twitter was blowing up so much I couldn't use it. We're both completely shocked."

Many people on Twitter were jealous of their friendship.

Matching shoes and friendship like this shows an incredible friendship for these two in the future!

Lead Image Credit: TheStrokessss via Twitter 

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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