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Oct 06 2016
by Daphine Henderson

Student Dresses As A Thief For Culture Day To Point Out That 'White People Steal Culture'

By Daphine Henderson - Oct 06 2016

This week was a Maryland high school's “spirit week,” which includes different themes each day that the students are able to actively participate in to show their school spirit. With this Tuesday deemed “culture day,” high school senior Josh Welch expressed his spirit in a unique way. The resident of Silver Spring, MD posted a picture of himself dressed like a thief, captioned:

“Dressed like a thief for culture day bc white people steal everyone else’s culture”

The picture has received over 36,000 retweets and over 65,000 likes.

Fresh U asked Welch to expand on how he chose to dress up as a thief:

“I was looking for an aspect of white culture to poke fun of for culture day when the idea just dawned on me.”

Welch expressed his excitement over his post going viral:

“I’m so excited!!! I’m glad my post had both a humorous and effectual impact.”

Alongside the substantial amounts of reactions on Twitter, Welch was also pretty satisfied with the reactions at school.

“Most of the reactions at school were positive, though I had to explain my costume to most people.”

Welch definitely gets points for creativity, and for generating conversation with his unique costume.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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