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Nov 06 2016
by Daphine Henderson

Penn State’s Students for Trump Build a 'Wall' Around American Flag Pole

By Daphine Henderson - Nov 06 2016

The Bull-Moose Party, Penn State’s student group of Trump supporters, built a physical wall around the flag pole hoisting the American flag on Old Main Lawn Tuesday morning to show their support for the Republican presidential candidate.

The students believed simply using a sign wasn’t enough to show their support, and decided to build the wall to do more showing rather than telling.

Robert Morss, chairman of the organization, tells Onward State:

“Our biggest thing that we wanted to do was promote the largest topic of this election that we find important, which is national security. What better way to promote that we want to protect this country than building a wall around the American flag?”

The wall was getting a lot of attention, and many Penn State students commend the organization for expressing their support in a peaceful manner.

“It was so cool that students were trying to support someone they feel is fit to run our country. I absolutely loved that this ended up on the Penn State campus snapchat story so the whole campus can see how passionate some students are about Trump.” — Bryel Frasch, Freshman Biology major
“I was walking from my Calc class to my Calc professor’s office hours and on the way I got to witness these students building the wall and preaching about why they want Trump to be president. They all seemed very dedicated and set in their ways which is so cool at such a young age.” — Meghan Field, Freshman Biobehavioral Health major
"Wow, these students are so brave. That's all I can say" –– Kaitlyn Aguiles, Freshman Communications major

While students appreciate the support gesture, many are still not changing their voting decisions.

“I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m glad that students are voicing their opinions about who should be president. He won’t be a great president, but people do want him to win, but that’s on them. Being a member of the democrat club, I believe people should vote for Clinton. I mean look at those Trump supporters. Crazy.” — Marianne Black, undecided Freshman

There are also some indifferent students in the mix of this election.

“I really don’t have an opinion about who I want to be president, but students will be students. Some are crazier than others and I hope they ended up getting some more people to vote for Trump since they put so much effort into building a wall. It is quite comical if you think of it.” — Ben Kline, sophomore Agricultural major

Students for Trump believe there is a large number of Trump supporters that are afraid to speak out. They hope building the wall will help motivate those to speak out.

“We just want to show the whole campus that there are Trump supporters, lots of us out here, and that it’s okay to be open and proud about it as well,” vice chairmen Chris Howe tells Onward State.

While the club was not causing a disturbance, the university asked the group to relocate due to the university policy  that prohibits students to physically erect a structure, such as a wall, when using outdoor areas for expressive activities.

Students for Trump did not immediately take down the structure by the time of publishing, and continued its presentation with signs, music, and flags all from within the makeshift wall. 

While some students may not agree with others presidential decisions, we are glad to see students showing their support in a peaceful and friendly manner.

Lead Image Credit: Claire Fountas, Onward State

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Daphine Henderson - University of Maryland, College Park

Daphine Henderson is a sophomore at the University of Maryland College Park majoring in Music Performance on Bass. She enjoys reading, writing, and anything involved with music and art. Follow her on Twitter @Guinea231 !

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