Ahhh, the dreaded long-distance relationship conversation. While each couple and their relationship is unique, many have faced the difficulties and challenges of distance. While every movie will have you believe that a long distance relationship is nothing but lonely ice cream binges and wistful phone calls, they have all been lying. This underrated type of relationship comes with several fun perks that are never taken into consideration. Before deciding if you want to dive into a distance relationship, remember that it’s not all that bad.

1. It's an excuse to travel.


When in college, it is easy to get trapped in a bubble. Some weekends will be more exciting than others. Planning weekend getaways to see your significant other can brighten up your month! This gives you something to look forward to when stuck in a boring, late class. This is also an excuse to go explore a new city with your significant other. This not only gives an opportunity for adorable dates and pictures, but allows you to become a more experienced individual. Planning getaways once a month is a great bonding activity, as well.

2. You can focus on new friends.


College is one of the opportunities we have to make close connections before entering the workforce full time. It is easy to get wrapped up the significant other that you’ve known for years and not meet anyone new. When in a distance relationship, you trust each other enough to not be constantly talking or hanging out together. You can focus on finding a solid group of college friends to jam with when on campus. Weeknights are free to go grab dinner or do other fun activities. Sometimes constant date nights can become smothering and hold you back from other friendship opportunities. If your long distance relationship does end, you won’t be alone, you will have a group of new friends to turn to.

3. You get to experience cute care packages.


Care packages make all year feel like Christmas! Getting a notification that a package is waiting in the mailroom is enough to make anyone run. Packing up fun things for your significant other will be fun as you package all of their favorites together. The surprise on their face will make all of the hard work of finding tissue paper worth it. Being able to exchange gifts, even if it’s just handwritten cards, makes every moment more precious. This helps to grow the relationship even when you're not physically near each other.

4. You have time to study.


Dating is a lot of work, between going on dates, texting, meeting up for snacks— it never stops! While hanging out constantly is amazing, so is being able to graduate. When in a long distance relationship, both of you can spend time studying in the library during the week. Late night video calls exist for when both of you have finished up for the day. These calls can be made in the comfort of pajamas and a bed. This allows couples to talk to each other until they both fall asleep. This gives you a chance to catch up on sleep and not waste study time.

5. You have a constant support system.


College will get stressful and crazy. That’s just a fact. Sometimes when the campus is hectic, it can be calming to talk to someone outside of the fray. A good partner will be more than willing to spend time venting about any little thing that happened on campus. Complaining to a significant other helps to relieve stress and to refocus the mind. This experience can help bond partners and keep one another updated on life.

6. You'll hear fun stories.


Sometimes we all need a mental break during the hectic time in our lives called college. When you don't see your significant other daily, you have more stories to tell. You can tell all the funny jokes you've made with new friends and all of the clubs you've tried to join. These are great talking points to help keep the conversation fresh. This is a great way to live your best life, while still maintaining a strong connection. These stories will let your significant other support you and know about your life, even if you are hundreds of miles away. 

These fun perks are all from my own experience of being in a long distance relationship. Before making any big relationship decisions, remember to be honest with your partner. Your partner should make you feel loved and validated. Only stay in safe and healthy relationships, because we all deserve to be happy with our partner. If the distance doesn’t work out and it’s not for everyone, remember to breathe and talk openly to your partner. Everything happens for a reason, and we are made stronger through all of our unique experiences. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay