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Sep 15 2015
by Danielle Newman

Why Changing Your Major Isn't a Bad Thing

By Danielle Newman - Sep 15 2015

When you apply for colleges, there's a LOT to think about as you fill out the plethora of applications in front of you. There are the simple questions like name, high school, and home address. There are some more difficult ones, like college essays and short answers. Among what seem like the simple questions is the little question asking you what your intended major will be. For some people, like me, the answer was simple: biomedical engineering. I was so set on this plan for my undergraduate career that answering that question seemed so simple.

However, this fantasy idea that I had for my career hit reality once I really realized what I would be studying. When I looked deeper, I realized that engineering wasn't the best way for me to land in the place I wanted to land a few years down the road. When I imagined myself in my future job, I knew that being an engineer wasn't for me, but I still went with it until I realized that studying engineering and not wanting to be an engineer wasn't logical. In fact, the week before I moved into college, I changed my mind, major, and path for the next 3 years. Now, I am a prospective rehabilitation science major in the school of arts and sciences, something completely different from what I thought was the right path a year ago. The one major thing I want to say about my experience is that it made me realize how flexible college can be (most of the time). If you decide that you want to change your major or school, DO IT. Don't hesitate. It's OK. They'll work with you, and it will be OK.

Changing my major was the best decision I made coming into college. Not only am I going to study the more fitting material for my future career goal, I actually cut off an entire year from my undergraduate career (thank you AP exams). In addition, the classes I'm taking now are much simpler than before, and the track I'm on will better prepare me for graduate school. By changing my major, I made my course of study more specifically geared toward my future goal while cutting down on some of the time and work.

It's a known fact that many people go into college as one major and change once, if not twice. It's not a bad thing to change your mind. It's human nature. In all honesty, why should we expect to know what we want to do with the rest of our lives at the age of 18? It's OK to not be sure. It's also OK to be sure and then not be sure. That's how I was.

For those of you considering changing your plan of study, my advice to you is to not stress too much and speak with your academic adviser. He/she can help you in making a final decision. Another piece of advice: change as soon as possible if you're seriously considering it. Don't wait until it's too late. In college, time is money, and having to go to school longer to fulfill degree requirements and prerequisites adds onto the bill at the end of your college career.

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Danielle Newman - University of Pittsburgh

Danielle Newman is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Bioengineering and plans on becoming certified in prosthetics and orthotics. Before college, she was the historian of her school’s student government. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @daniii_newman!

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