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Sep 24 2015
by Danielle Newman

How I've Learned to Survive Living Away from My Best Friend

By Danielle Newman - Sep 24 2015

Growing up, we all had our best friend(s). Usually, you went to school with them or they lived in your neighborhood. For the past 18 years, they were always close and easy to reach. You could be with them during the crazy parties, hard break-ups, and they were always there for you.

Now that you’re in college, your best friend may be your roommate or go to the same college you do. Your best friend may still be back in high school while you experience college for the first time. For me, and many other people, my best friend is a few hundred miles away. She’s attending college in Kentucky while I’m studying in Pittsburgh. We’re both far away from home and far away from each other.

Not going to high school together, we didn’t see each other very often to begin with. We’d usually pick a weekend every month or two to try to hang out, and we’d go on the occasional late night walk on those rare evenings that we both weren’t working on homework. Even though we were used to seeing each other on these few occasions, college was a huge change.

We’re both a LOT busier than we used to be, and busier means less time to talk on the phone or text each other. It’s like a more extreme versions of the reality we had previously been living. We had to adapt. While she was going through her homesick period, I was just moving into college. When I was going through mine, she was busy attending class and I didn’t want to bother her or ruin her experience.

Something I’ve personally learned is to never stop appreciating the friends and family you have around you. Although we’re busy, we still make time to call and text each other a few times a week. Going off to college didn’t change the friendship we had besides making it stronger. We’re more on our own than ever before, and we know exactly who to call or text after a stressful day of class or a lonely night in the dorm. Living without my best friend around the corner was a big of an adjustment as moving away from the place I called home for the past 18 years. Distance doesn’t change the friendship between us. You learn to live for yourself and share the experiences with the other, while also coming to them asking for guidance every once in a while.

What are friends for, am I right?

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Danielle Newman - University of Pittsburgh

Danielle Newman is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Bioengineering and plans on becoming certified in prosthetics and orthotics. Before college, she was the historian of her school’s student government. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @daniii_newman!

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