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Dec 07 2015
by Danielle Newman

15 Things College Students Really Want for Christmas

By Danielle Newman - Dec 07 2015

Heading into the holiday season, everyone is making lists of things they want for Christmas. Here is a list of things that college students would love to have, as unattainable as they may be!

1. A 4.0 GPA.

I mean, who doesn't want a perfect GPA? It would make next semester's downfall less painful on the GPA in the long-run.

2. A's on all of their finals.

A's on all of your finals? Heavenly. It would definitely be a nice end to the long, hard semester.

3. Student loans paid off.

Can I get an amen? Student loans are a pain in the butt. Not having to worry about them gets rid of stress and, more importantly, DEBT!

4. Free tuition.

AMEN! Not having anything to worry about paying to begin with? I wouldn't mind only paying for room and board. That cuts the cost down quite a bit.

5. A king sized bed.

Let's be real... these twin-XL beds are starting to get annoying. Wouldn't it be nice to have room to spread out? How about a room that could fit one and still be roomy?

6. A softer & more comfortable bed to sleep in.

Those dorm mattresses? How about a nice soft and padded bed? Excellent sleep and excellent naps would be in the future.

7. Free Netflix.

I know $7.99 a month isn't that bad, but I mean free anything is better. So much OITNB.

8. ...and someone to "Netflix and Chill" with.

It's cuffing season. Not only would it be nice to have someone to chill with, but you get to do ALL THE CHRISTMASY THINGS! <3

9. An easy finals week.

Let's be honest, finals week sucks. It's the worst exams in the shortest time period. Some of the stress off our backs would be nice.

10. A longer winter break.

Some schools have long breaks, but at my school, 2 weeks is not enough! I need longer to get prepped to put myself through another 15 weeks of craziness.

11. Their dog or favorite pet at college with them.

Who doesn't want a warm, fluffy and loving animal to snuggle up with after a long day?

12. Home-cooked meals at the dining halls.

The dining hall food is getting REALLY old... Some home-cooked food would be very nice every once in a while. The food at college is no longer cutting it for me.

13. The ability to binge watch an entire series in a reasonable amount of time.

Let's be honest... it takes more than a day to watch a season of Grey's Anatomy... If I could finish shows more quickly I probably wouldn't procrastinate as much.

14. Nicer weather.

This winter weather is starting to be not-so-nice. We'd appreciate some nicer days, especially with finals week coming up.

15. Being able to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

This one's kind of serious. Being away from home around the holidays is really hard. I hope that Christmas at home will be all I'm looking forward to it being.

Lead Image Credit: Elvert Barnes

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Danielle Newman - University of Pittsburgh

Danielle Newman is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Bioengineering and plans on becoming certified in prosthetics and orthotics. Before college, she was the historian of her school’s student government. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @daniii_newman!

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