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Feb 25 2018
by Daniela Pinzon

5 Songs to Play During Your Commute

By Daniela Pinzon - Feb 25 2018
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Commuting to school, college or work may get boring very quickly since there’s not much you can do while you’re cruising or stuck in traffic. I have definitely experienced those drives where it seems as if you have been in the car for an eternity. Don’t worry though, to solve this problem I have compiled a list of five songs that will hype up your drive. There are some oldies and some new releases, so make sure you add these songs to your playlist.

1. Hey Ya! by OutKast


If I'm going to be honest with you, I recently rediscovered this song when I was shuffling through playlists on Spotify. Since that one day, I have been playing this song at least once every single time I drive. By the way, if you're curious, here's that '00s Spotify playlist

2. God’s Plan by Drake


Released as one of the two songs in Scary Hours, this has been my anthem and 2018 mood since its release date in January. I can guarantee that if you play this song, two days later you will be singing every single word when it comes on. Say goodbye to boring car rides. As Drake would say, "I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry. "

3. Pray for Me by The Weeknd ft. Kendrick Lamar


As part of the new Marvel movie "Black Panther", this song features two of my favorite artists. The song is just as good as the movie.  

4. Drunk In Love by Beyonce


Beyonce. Do I even have to say any more?

5. CC by Migos ft. Gucci Mane


Recently released as track number eight of the album, Culture II, this song is definitely one to play during traffic with your windows down. 

The power of music can make us forget about anything, and traffic is definitely something we want to forget and leave behind. So, have you added these songs to your playlist yet? 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels. 

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Daniela Pinzon - Nova Southeastern University

Daniela is a freshman at Nova Southeastern University, majoring in biology with a minor in psychology. She enjoys museums, tv shows and science. Although an aspiring surgeon, she also has a strong interest in the public relations field. Follow her on instagram @danielaa_pinzon

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