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Aug 08 2017
by Dani Berris

The Top 5 Places to Find Quirky College Decor Online

By Dani Berris - Aug 08 2017

Attending a new school can be overwhelming. At a time when you are surrounded by so many new people, it can be easy to lose yourself and forget who you really are. Finding the perfect furniture and decorations to fit your personality can help you maintain your identity while adjusting to the social environment at your school. Here are a few websites that offer unconventional decorations for your dorm room and college lifestyle.

1. Urban Outfitters has an entire section entitled “On Campus.” This portion of the store’s website includes an entire checklist for items that you will need while at school and offers many options for purchase. Urban Outfitters has an extensive collection of bedding, throw pillows and sheets for sale. The website also has lots of artwork to hang on your walls, offered in several sizes in order to cater to the amount of wall space you have. Urban also carries kitchen appliances, allowing you to cook your favorite snacks for you and your roommates. From headphones to record players, this website also offers several music devices for use whether you’re studying or hanging out with friends in your room.

2. Modcloth, usually regarded as a vintage fashion website, has an extensive amount of quirky dorm decorations. If you go into the “Gifts” tab, you can find several animal-inspired items. These include appliances from lamps to pillows to salt-and-pepper shakers. Modcloth also carries several motivational books and journals that could come in handy during your first year of college. The website carries string lights in several different colors, bohemian looking rugs and intricately designed throw pillows.

3. has fun, patterned school supplies such as pencil cases, backpacks, agendas and pens in their “Back to School” section. You can find supplies with matching patterns, or mix it up and combine patterns. The file folders, notebooks, post-its and agendas all come with motivational phrases on the covers. Going to class doesn’t have to be boring or dull when you have supplies from this website. The colorful items for sale, including paper and binder clips, will brighten up any assignment. Bando also carries a lot of lamps and dorm accessories that will make you smile.

4. Anthropologie

Even though is usually regarded as a women’s clothing store, the items sold in the “House & Home” section will come in handy while at college. With decorative globes for your desk, small jewelry holders for next to your bed and tasseled blankets, Anthropologie offers a myriad of options to spice up your dorm room. From floral bedding to agendas to pencil holders, you can buy almost anything you need at college from this website.

5. CB2, Crate and Barrel’s younger sibling, offers a wide range of products for your dorm room from colorful bookends to decorative storage boxes. If you’re just looking to brighten your room, this website offers many small animal figures that you can place on any flat surface. The minimalist hourglasses will make you want to time your study sessions and the old fashioned speakers will be sure to inspire roommate dance parties.

Buying personal decorations for your dorm room or school supplies for your classes may seem unnecessary, but it will remind you who you are and make you feel stable and happy in an unfamiliar environment. Some of these websites might have exactly what will make you feel at home!

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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