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Jul 28 2017
by Dani Berris

5 Reasons Why Traveling With Your Friends Before College Helps You Grow

By Dani Berris - Jul 28 2017

As we all know, leaving your hometown for college is going to be very difficult, especially if you’ve had the same group of friends for years. What better way is there to say goodbye than by going on a trip with your closest high school friends? Here are some perks of taking a trip like this.

1. Planning the trip.

Even the act of planning a trip together can bring you and your friends closer. With all of the hotels that need to be booked, budgets that need to be followed, tickets that need to be bought and clothes that need to be packed, you and your friends can work together to plan the trip that will initiate a new, independent lifestyle for all of you.

2. Learning to communicate better.

Living with friends, you'll find, is completely different than just seeing them at night or on weekends. Some of their mannerisms might bother you, like if they are messy and you're super neat. To get through these issues, you can have a conversation about having your own, clean space. Discussing these issues will bring each of you closer together as you learn to adapt to each other's behavior.

3. Being reminded of the support that your friends give you.

You will be reminded of the love and support that your friends give you when, for example, your luggage gets stolen or you lose your passport. This confirmation of the quality of your friendships will make you more confident when starting over in a new social situation when you arrive at college. You will have an easier time assimilating into the college social climate in the fall if you have experienced this already.

4. Developing organizational skills.

It's difficult to travel with a group, especially if any of you are prone to forgetting things or getting lost. The best way to avoid mishaps is to make a checklist of everything you all brought, and go over it every time you leave somewhere to make sure you have your belongings. Acquiring a map of your vacation spot (or even just using Google Maps) will help you figure out where you are, and where you want to go. If you use a physical map, it can be fun to circle everywhere you've been and save it as a souvenir of the trip. Trying to take the public transportation available at your destination will save you all money. It will also get you accustomed to getting around a foreign place, which will help you when you get to college.

5. Reaffirming that your friendship will last.

Whether you travel across the state, country or world, traveling somewhere none of you have been before will make this trip the most memorable. You will all have to depend on each other, securing the bond between you and ensuring that you will all remain friends while away at school.

Although it is scary to be in a foreign place without the comfort of your parents, making decisions without the opinion of your parents will teach you how to live on your own in college and afterward. Ultimately, going on a trip with your friends before college is one of the best ways to spend your summer.

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