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Jul 04 2017
by Dani Berris

How To Incorporate Your College Gear Into Your Daily Wardrobe

By Dani Berris - Jul 04 2017

As high school seniors, it may have been nice to just throw on a pair of college sweats and head to school. However, you don’t have to settle for doing that as a college freshman, if you’re aiming to express yourself more through your own fashion taste. Consider these more personal outfit ideas instead, and find one which best fits your style!

1. Exposing articles of clothing underneath college sweatshirts.

If you’re like me, wearing a college sweatshirt by itself can get a little boring. Wearing a button-up shirt and pulling the collar out of the top of a crew neck sweatshirt can give your look a more preppy spin. You can make this more interesting by wearing colored button-ups that contrast with the color of your college apparel. You can also make this look work for colder months by wearing a warm flannel underneath your college sweatshirt, exposing a patterned collar.

2. Exposing the college apparel under other articles of clothing.

When it gets to be winter, a college sweatshirt might not be enough to keep your warm. If you own a hooded college sweatshirt, you can wear a warm leather jacket over it and pull the hood out of the top of the jacket. You can also use this technique with a denim jacket, shirt or vest.

3. Use jewelry and other additions to your daily wardrobe.

Chunky or long necklaces paired with your college sweatshirt or t-shirt can make your outfit more elaborate. This will look less out of place if you find jewelry that complements your school’s colors.

4. Play around with the appearance of your college gear.

Rolling the bottoms of your college sweat pants can give you more room to expose patterned or colorful socks. Knotting the bottom of your college t-shirt or sweatshirt can make your outfit look edgier as well. Feel free to cut your apparel to make it more fitting to your personality. For example, you can cut sweatshirts or t-shirts to make them more cropped or have shorter sleeves, cut sweat pants to make them shorter or cut the neckline of a t-shirt to make it into a v-neck instead of a round neck.

5. Attach your college logo or mascot to articles of clothing.

Create a pin with your college logo or mascot on it and clip it to a purse, backpack or jacket. You can also sew a school patch onto your favorite pair of sneakers. This can make any plain article of clothing more colorful and more supportive of your college name.

Maintaining your personal style, especially when heading off to a new school, can make you feel more at home in a new setting. Additionally, wearing your college gear can connect you to all of the people around you on campus. Combining your fashion taste and your support for your school can make you feel more comfortable in such a new environment.

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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