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Sep 02 2017
by Dani Berris

6 Ways Your Style Affects Your Academic Performance

By Dani Berris - Sep 02 2017

I’m sure you remember the most boring class that you ever took in high school. Or perhaps you don’t remember it, because you were asleep. You might have passed the class then, but college is a different story. If you want to stay awake in all of your classes, even after staying up late the night before, you might want to rethink what you wear to class every day. Here are some aspects that might affect your performance.

1. Comfort

It’s incredibly easy to throw on sweats or a sweatshirt and head to class, especially if your first class is in the morning and you don’t have much time to get ready. However, whether you’re attending a lecture class or taking an exam, it’s important to stay awake for the duration of the class. You could miss information essential for you to pass the course. Attending class wearing clothes that make you want to sleep will logically result in you sleeping in class. 

2. Wearing what you like.

You don’t have to wear itchy sweaters or those too-tight jeans stuffed into your closet, but putting on an outfit that makes you feel like a living human being will keep you awake for at least the duration of one class. Additionally, wearing clothes that you feel are flattering will increase your confidence. Raising your hand and asking a question will seem so much easier if you’re in an outfit that you love. Your grades and overall academic performance will only improve from wearing an outfit that you enjoy wearing.

3. Accessories

Jewelry can also affect your academic performance. Wearing chunky rings or clanking bracelets can be extremely distracting for yourself and the people around you. Usually the best route for wearing jewelry is wearing delicate pieces that you won’t be fidgeting with throughout the class period. 

4. Cosmetics

Wearing makeup can also make a difference in your academic success. If you don’t like wearing makeup, then this one isn’t for you, but if you wear makeup on a daily basis, you can use the application process as a time to wake up. Focusing on precise makeup application can force your mind to wake up and be ready for class.

5. Hairstyle

Surprisingly, the way you wear your hair plays a part in how well you do in school, especially for people with long hair. Sometimes during a test, or even just during a lecture, hair in your face can be extremely distracting. Messing around with it will only make it look frizzy, so the best option is to put your hair up into a ponytail or bun, out of your face and your way.

6. Nail polish.

Wearing nail polish gives you something to pick at while you're stressed out. Habits like picking off your nail polish when stressed do not help you calm down. Without the distraction of nail polish, you will be forced to take a deep breath instead of taking your stress out on your body and using a coping mechanism to calm down.

Your academic success is completely affected by what you wear and how you get ready for class. Your teachers and fellow classmates will respect you more if you come to class prepared and awake, so tweaking your appearance is totally worth the effort. Next time you get ready for class, ask yourself if what you're wearing will allow you to be your best self in the classroom. 

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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