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Sep 26 2017
by Dani Berris

5 Things That are Harder for Lefties in College

By Dani Berris - Sep 26 2017

Lefties, let's face it: we are under-appreciated! We do everything that right-handed people do, but with more difficulties. Here are some issues that only lefties can relate to:

1. The infamous smudged hand.

Ever done all of your math homework and then realized that the side of your hand is covered in lead? Or worse, when you write a huge paper with a pen and the ink won't come off of your hand? Not to mention, the paper has smudges all over it too. Yep, been there. Just remember, your paper will stand out compared to everyone else's smudge-free homework. 

2. Using a spiral notebook.

For some reason, the world of school supplies is against us. Writing in a spiral notebook might be one of the most painful aspects of being a lefty. You'll no doubt get those metal indents on the side of your hand and arm to add to the lead or ink already there. The worse part is, some professors don't want you writing on the back of a page, so there's literally no escaping the spiral on a notebook. My tip: buy notebooks that don't have spirals! Problem solved.

3. Making friends with classmates.

This may sound silly, but when you're constantly elbow-bumping the person sitting on your left while writing, it's hard to make friends in class. Everyone will think you don't care about their personal space and you'll become THAT person that bumps everyone's elbow. What a nightmare! The way to avoid this is, when you first sit down, make sure you aren't too close to the person on your left. It's okay if you're close to the person on your right because there's no chance you'll bump into them.

4. Right-handed desks.

Let me explain what I mean by this, because you may be thinking that you've never seen a right-handed desk. You know those desks in your lecture hall that are basically auditorium seats but have mini pull-out desks? Those are right-handed desks. They only come out of the seat on the right side, making it almost impossible for you to take your best notes because you're trying to turn your body every which way until you can write comfortably. Here's a cheat: bring a binder or folder to write on, and you don't have to use that tiny right-handed desk at all.

5. Using a computer mouse.

Luckily this isn't as much of a problem because most college students use the trackpads on their laptops, but when you've got to use the computer in the library to print, using the mouse may feel weird. Why does it have to be on the right side, huh? Can't we win SOMETHING? The easy escape from this is only using computers with trackpads. At least those aren't right-handed biased.

6. Highlighting readings for your seminar.

Sometimes this isn't a problem, but often times highlighters are meant for righties. You can tell because when you try to highlight using your left hand, the highlighter makes that incredibly terrible dried-out-marker sound that makes you cringe and cover your ears. To avoid this, lefties literally have to read a line and then highlight it backwards with their left hand or learn to highlight with their right hand.

So the next time someone underestimates your abilities, yell in their face: I'M A LEFTY. You deserve better, especially because you have to deal with all of these ways in which the world is against you. Hang in there though and find some lefties on campus to bond with.

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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