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Oct 11 2017
by Dani Berris

5 Things That are Harder for Glasses-Wearers in College

By Dani Berris - Oct 11 2017

Having to wear glasses in college can be a pretty big struggle and those of us who wear glasses get no credit for all that we go through. Seeing is great and all, but if you are one of the unfortunate people with imperfect vision, it comes at a cost. Here are five things that are harder for glasses-wearers in college. 

1. Kissing

Alright, I guess this could go for high school too, but living on a new campus surrounded by possible romantic interests makes kissing more likely to happen. So let's look at this: there you are, closing in on that hottie from your Math lecture, when your glasses hit their forehead and fall off. Not only has this ruined the moment, but there's a possibility that a now-blind you will step on those glasses and break them (we'll return to this in the next point). My suggestion? Plan, plan, plan. If you're prepared to kiss someone at any time and at any place, you will be much more likely to position your head in a way that works for the situation or take off your glasses at the right time. Also, maybe try tightening those frames or attaching them more securely to your face by wearing a headband.

2. Breaking Them

As previously mentioned, it's really easy to break your glasses. Stepping on them, dropping them or even putting them loose in your bag is an easy way for them to break. The problem in college is, you can't just go get another pair. The solution for this one is to come to college prepared with an extra pair of glasses. Then, if one breaks, you'll have a back-up pair. If both break, well, I'm sorry.

3. Changing Prescriptions

People with 20/20 vision have no idea how easy their life is. This one applies to contact-wearers as well. With the amount of reading that college students are expected to do, your prescription is bound to change at some point. If you're at a college far from home and your prescription gets worse, what are you supposed to do? Wait until Thanksgiving? Find an eye doctor somewhere near you? The problem with this is that they might not re-fill your lenses or might not take your insurance. The way around this one is trying as hard as possible not to let your prescription change. It sounds impossible, right? I'm crazy? Nope! Just make sure that when you read you are in a well-lit room and that you take break from wearing your glasses during the day (especially if your prescription is really strong). Giving your eyes a break can sometimes help them recover from so much glasses usage.

4. Dirty Lenses

For some reason, glasses love being dirty. Let's say you clean them in the morning; within mere minutes your glasses are covered in dirt and smudges, making it impossible for you to function well in a classroom setting. When this happens, you might try to clean them using your clothes, but some materials only make the smudges worse. Although this is a hassle, the easiest solution is to carry a glasses cleaner with you. Leaving it in your backpack will help you get through the day smudge-free.

5. Dealing With the Sun

For me, college requires a lot more walking than high school did. Having prescription glasses isn't the best when the sun is beating down on your back during your walk back to your dorm. Plus, having to watch all of your new friends wear trendy sunglasses around you is annoying. The best option for avoiding this problem is buying prescription sunglasses.

Ultimately, glasses-wearers do not get enough credit for their struggles. However, we look extremely fashionable even while we're struggling. People even wear non-prescription glasses sometimes so they can look as cool as us! Seeking out other glasses-wearers can help you find people to bond with on your campus. 

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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