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Mar 04 2018
by Dani Berris

10 Necessities for College Students Living in Cold Weather

By Dani Berris - Mar 04 2018

We all have an idea of what winter is like. For some, winter is simply the time at the end of the year when you trade out shorts for jeans. For others, winter might be the time to wear eight layers of clothing. Even though it's okay that we all have different perspectives, a problem comes up when someone with the former perspective is placed in the latter person's situation. Well, here I am: a fellow warm weather-based college student, to tell you how to get through the rest of a freezing winter. Here are a few essentials that I've discovered:

1. Glove Liners

If you're like me, and like the rest of the humans on this planet, your hands will feel extremely cold when temperatures drop below 40 or 50 degrees. You may think that those cute Urban Outfitters gloves will cut it, but you will reconsider this assumption about 10 minutes after leaving your dorm. Glove liners, which are thin, silk gloves that mold to your hands, can be slipped on under regular gloves. These can be found on Amazon for a cheap price and will make a huge difference in your warmth this winter.

2. A Humidifier

Coming from a warmer climate has probably trained your body to deal with extreme heat and humidity, rather than the cold. Because of this, your body will probably not adjust quickly to the dry, cold weather. To minimize cracking skin and sickness, purchase a humidifier for your room. This way, your body will be able to return to its normal state overnight. Some humidifiers, like this one from Vicks, will allow you to pour essential oils in. This will give your room a subtle scent while keeping the air humid enough for you to breathe comfortably.

3. An Endless Supply of Tea Bags

Although not every college dorm has a kitchen, hopefully you have a microwave or space for an electric kettle. Buying boxes of tea bags before the winter gets too bad will help you keep your body warm. You won't have to trek to the nearest dining hall and back to your room to drink a warm beverage if you store your favorite flavor of tea in your room. If tea isn't for you, hot chocolate can also liven up any rainy day.

4. A Winter Coat

When I say winter coat, I don't mean the semi-puffy bomber jacket that you used during 60 degree temperatures back at home. You will need something warmer for the days when no amount of layers is enough. The best options will have a lining on the inside and warm pockets in case you forgot your glove liners (see above). Winter coats come in all types of colors, lengths and patterns.

5. Tights

Sometimes jeans will not be enough. During those times, you might try to layer leggings under jeans, but this will prove to be way too tight and uncomfortable. The best option is to purchase tights in your favorite colors. These don't make your jeans too tight because, as the name would suggest, they are tight and hold your body in so that no air can get in. Another benefit of wearing tights under your clothes is being able to expose them at your ankles. Any ordinary outfit will be enlivened by the color coming out of the bottom of your jeans. 

6. Large Headphones

If you're like most college students, you listen to music. You don't have to stop listening to music because your ears are cold on your walk to class every morning. Wearing chunky headphones will keep your ears warm. This problem can also be solved by wearing earbuds and a beanie that covers your ears.

7. A Rain/Snow Playlist

Sometimes, the dreary weather can make you feel sad. The next time that you feel this way, start a playlist and add songs that reflect how you're feeling. The next time you feel sad about the weather, play these songs to help you feel comforted.

8. Warm Pajamas

You never know how well the heating is going to work in your dorm, so it's best to come prepared with fuzzy pajamas. The best option is to buy one pair of warm pajamas, so if you don't end up needing them, you didn't waste too much of your money. You can save them for next year, when you're put in that dorm that doesn't have heating. 

9. Wellness Medicine

During the winter, many college students will get sick. Since you live with these sick people, you're going to want to keep Wellness Formula or Airborne in your room. Whenever you've been around sick people or you start to feel under the weather, start taking these vitamins to help boost your immune system. Another good option is use to Emergen-C packets in a glass of water.

10. Warm Socks

You may not think that socks are a big deal, but remember how cold your hands were before you started using glove liners? Your feet, which will be stepping on snow all day, will be even colder than your hands were. Wool socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable during the winter months. Many options are available here on Amazon.

Ultimately, spending a freezing winter in a dorm room is new to everyone, not just the students that are new to the cold. Keeping around these essentials will help keep you healthy during the coldest times.

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Dani Berris - Sarah Lawrence College

Dani is a Sophomore at The New School. She loves lipstick.

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