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Mar 23 2016
by Daja Henry

Awesome Vending Machine Has Plan B, Pregnancy Tests, and Lube

By Daja Henry - Mar 23 2016

Patrons of Brooklyn's Sunshine Laundromat and Pinball are in for a nice surprise. The vending machine has been restocked. It even features new items. It is now complete with assorted pregnancy tests, personal lubricants, and the morning after pill, Plan B.

According to, the laundromat has never been a typical one. It is known for its pinball machines and doubles as a bar in the back. In keeping with the non-tradition, about a year ago, owner Peter Rose decided to put something unconventional in the vending machine. It all started with a pregnancy test.

Although it may be mistaken as a political statement, Rose denies any political motivations. He says that these additions to his vending machine are "just random items for fun." He was perusing the aisles of a CVS and took items that weren't traditionally in a vending machine. 

Though it is not a political statement, it is a statement of some sort. It adds to the commentary on whether contraceptives or things of the nature should be readily available. In 2013, the FDA approved over the counter sales of Plan B for "all women of child-bearing potential." 

Now how can we go about getting this vending machine on college campuses?

Lead Image Credit: ai via Flickr

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Daja Henry - Howard University

Daja Henry is a sophomore Media, Journalism, and Film Communications major at Howard University. She is a writer, lyric connoisseur, and lover of all cultures. You can follow her on Twitter @dajaeh97.

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