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Mar 24 2016
by Daja Henry

Tinder Gets Political With Its New Feature

By Daja Henry - Mar 24 2016

Everyone's favorite dating app has just added a new feature. Users can now swipe right or left on ten important political issues in order to be matched with a Presidential candidate. 

Imagine swiping right and matching with Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton. In some cases, this has happened. In February, a fake Tinder profile surfaced of Republican candidate Marco Rubio. The profile was not created by Rubio himself or anyone in his camp, but it put an interesting spin on campaigning.

Before Rubio, it was Bernie Sanders supporters trying to spark up a grassroots campaign on this popular dating app. Sanders supporters reportedly swiped right for every profile they came across until they got matches and used these matches to campaign.  There is even a Tumblr detailing "the adventures of a perpetual right-swiper in the efforts of electing Bernie Sanders." And if Tinder isn't enough, there is also a dating site called for supporters.

Tinder banned these users, but according to Tinder's blog, their efforts inspired this new feature. "We've been amazed by the amount of users expressing their political views with matches during this presidential campaign. That's why we decided to build Swipe the Vote."

The feature is simple. Ten different issues, including same sex marriage, legalizing marijuana, and drilling for gas/oil in the US, appear on screen. The user swipes right if they agree with the question or left if they disagree. After the user answers all the questions, Tinder presents a candidate whose views the user best matches with, accompanied by a summary of who the candidate is and what they stand for. If that's not a great marketing strategy, I don't know what is. 

Lead Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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Daja Henry - Howard University

Daja Henry is a sophomore Media, Journalism, and Film Communications major at Howard University. She is a writer, lyric connoisseur, and lover of all cultures. You can follow her on Twitter @dajaeh97.

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