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Mar 19 2017
by D'Audra Metoyer

What You Should Know About Trump's Released Tax Returns

By D'Audra Metoyer - Mar 19 2017

Recently, President Trump’s tax records for the year 2005 were released. According to a New York Times article, President Trump paid $38 million in income tax in 2005. However, this was the only tax return of Trump’s that was released. It is unknown whether he has paid income tax in the past few years. 

Why is it that he has not released all of his tax returns? His 2005 tax returns served him well, so why is it that Trump’s other tax returns haven’t been released? Was 2005 the only year that Trump paid income tax? The fact that the other tax returns haven’t been released implies that there is something in those tax returns that Trump wants to hide from the American people. Otherwise, why not release them?

In a CNN article, it was declared that it wasn't clear who leaked Trump’s tax returns. The reporter who published the tax returns, David Johnston, received the tax returns in the mail. The timing of the release of these tax returns is also interesting. Throughout his campaign, Trump refused to release his tax returns. His 2005 taxes put him in a favorable light. It illustrated that he pays his taxes like any other American citizen. 

The news of his released tax returns certainly diverts attention from the health care controversy and the Russian investigation. Many citizens will be losing health care with Paul Ryan's newly proposed health care bill and people are angry about that. The investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia is also not making Trump well-liked among the American people.

With all of this occurring, it's possible that his taxes could be a planned political move in order to gain favor with American citizens. With so many questions surrounding the release of Trump’s tax returns, the motives behind these leaked documents currently remain unclear. 

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D'Audra Metoyer - Xavier University of Louisiana

D'Audra is a Political Science major and English minor at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. She is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. She plans to attend law school and become a Civil Attorney. She enjoys reading, shopping, and relaxing with friends and families.

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