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Aug 14 2017
by Cierra Jones

5 Things About New York That Will Make Anyone Feel At Home

By Cierra Jones - Aug 14 2017

With move in day a month or so away, it's easy to say you're moving to your "second home." Somewhere you can be yourself again, but also somewhere new where you can reinvent yourself. College is a new place, a new time in your life, and you're learning to love yourself in a whole new world. You all are going to be all over the country (and even the world), but if you're coming to the city I know best, New York, welcome. I'm here to make this transition to your new home a little easier for you. 

Here are five things that make anyone feel like home here in the Big Apple. 

1. All of the different kinds of people. 

You will never see the same type of person twice here and that's what's so amazing about this place: Everyone is all kinds of different. They're all searching for the same thing: to find a purpose in this city full of opportunities. You can be anything you want to be here! Diversity is absolutely the name of the game. Artists and corporate America can collide here and it wouldn't be an eyesore. You become a new version of yourself when you see all the innovation from Broadway to the Bronx.