While it is true that the weekends are a time for relaxation, rejuvenation and rest, succumbing to distractions poses a threat to our work ethic and successful habits. Aware of this, the most successful college students use their weekends wisely and follow these tips to stay on the top of their game, to return ready to work on Monday morning.

1. They wake up at the same time.

Although it's tempting to sleep in on the weekend because it feels good temporarily, over time, this behavior may disrupt your natural circadian rhythm. Our bodies cycle through several series of sleep phases, and when you sleep past your normal wake-up time, you may end up feeling drowsy and tired. This could make you less productive on Monday because your brain may not be ready to function at that time. If you need more rest, try going to bed a few hours earlier instead.

2. They disconnect.

Disconnecting from all electronics, news and social updates is perhaps the most important weekend habit of all, because if you are unable to clear your mind of work and school, its burden may make you feel like you're constantly working. If taking the weekend off from checking e-mails and calls isn't realistic for you, then try designating a specific time on Saturday or Sunday, to avoid sacrificing your availability.

3. They exercise.

The freedom of the weekend allows us 48 hours to get outside and start moving. Only requiring 30 minutes of physical activity a day is enough for us to reduce stress, think of new ideas and concepts and focus on introspection. Whether it's going for a jog, surfing or cycling, exercise is a great way to spark creativity.

4. They pursue their passions.

Taking up a new hobby and pursuing something you love is a great way to escape stress and spend the weekend. Simple activities such as reading, listening to music or blogging are enough to open your mind and expand your way of thinking.

5. They spend quality time.

Weekdays can become so hectic that you may find it impossible to schedule in time for family and friends. However, spending quality time with loved ones is essential to relationship building and peace of mind. Visiting the park, an eclectic museum or even the family's favorite restaurant is a great way to factor in adventure and great experiences.

6. They reflect.

Weekend reflection is a powerful tool for self-improvement and continued growth. There are numerous ways to find a quiet time and think about the week's successes, failures and future opportunities. This activity can be done at a church, on a bench or even at the beach. The key here is to delve deep into your mind and minimize all distractions.

7. They prepare.

Preparation is often the major difference between successful and unsuccessful people in general. Think about the last time you were unprepared for something. How did it go? What would you do differently next time? Being prepared could mean scoring a new job or internship and making a good first impression while meeting someone. To increase your productivity and eliminate stress, plan out your week and write important dates and notes down in a planner and ensure that you have all necessary materials for the upcoming week.

The combination of work, school and having a social life can make it easy for us students to fall into an academic slump. Realize that everyone has days filled with more challenges than others. Ultimately, you're bound to see a difference in your productivity by incorporating these hacks into your daily routine.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels