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May 04 2017
by Ciara Freeman

6 Huge Advantages of Studying Abroad

By Ciara Freeman - May 04 2017

Although hopping on a plane to live in a foreign country and experience new cultures while completing schoolwork may seem thrilling to some, many others feel that these journeys are a bit daunting. It can definitely be challenging to step outside of one's comfort zone and adapt to new ways of life, regardless of the time spent in a new place. However, travel is essential to the transformation of the human soul. Throughout our careers and lifetime, we will need to develop the skills to tolerate those with viewpoints and perspectives unlike our own. Whether the destination is Paris, Rome, Athens or Buenos Aires, there are plenty of opportunities for personal growth and countless benefits to international travel.

1. Career opportunities.

Numerous employers value students with international experience. This is because the skills gained during international travel, such as inquisitiveness, open-mindedness and independence, don't go away easily. International travel also opens many doors for opportunity and grants people lessons that cannot be taught through a textbook, giving potential global citizens a unique hands-on experience.

2. Lifelong friendships.

While traveling, you may discover that we have more in common with your fellow students than you may have thought. It is possible to establish and maintain long-term friendships as a result of studying abroad. Especially living in housing communities sponsored by the school and on foreign campuses, there's a high chance that you may connect with a local! Keep in touch with those you meet because you may end up with a place to stay while revisiting the country.

3. Personal growth.

Studying abroad is one of the greatest ways to learn more about yourself as a person while also developing skills that remain with you for a lifetime. As a result of traveling, you'll learn to be more independent, responsible for your things and to be better at time management.

4. Language learning.

There's no better method to language learning than visiting a country and engaging in conversation with the natives. Face-to-face communication can often be more effective for language learning than digital methods since it is more natural, which aids in the development of the brain's limbic system responsible for memory. Plus, you're able to receive direct feedback regarding pronunciation and sentence structure from an experienced speaker.

5. Appreciate home.

There's nothing more comforting than coming back home to your family after a lengthy trip abroad. While abroad, you may experience things that will allow you to truly appreciate the luxuries many others aren't fortunate enough to have. Also, while being thousands of miles away, you may realize just how important your loved ones are.

6. Become a global citizen.

Ciara Freeman

From my own experiences traveling abroad, I have transformed into a global citizen and have learned to understand cultural differences, take risks and successfully adapt to new environments and skills that are especially vital in college. International travel serves as the foundation of global understanding since it grants individuals the ability to break down worldly barriers, appreciate diversity, have more of a concern for social issues and international politics and feel connected to the world around them.

As college students, we should take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to study abroad while we have adequate time, sufficient funds and countless support.

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Ciara Freeman - Loyola Marymount University

Ciara Freeman is a Staff Writer/Campus News Correspondent and sophomore at Loyola Marymount University pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Journalism. She is a passionate student, world traveler, global citizen and foodie. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, acting and practicing yoga. Follow her on Instagram: @ciarafreeman_!

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