With summer quickly approaching, internship application due dates are closer than they may appear. While it can be daunting trying to choose the perfect internship, the hardest task is often in the search for one itself. Luckily, there are numerous resources online and in-person available to college students hoping to gain experience in a chosen career field. Compiled below is a list of the most trusted sources for finding summer and year-round internships.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has repeatedly proven to be a vital source for the world's top professionals. With a unique "job" feature at the top of the website, more students than ever have over 900+ internship opportunities at the touch of their fingertips. LinkedIn users are able to search jobs and internships by title, keyword or company, and are also able to filter the location to match to a nearby city. Since it is a social media website, consider connecting with recruiters online after applying.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an extremely open (hence, the name) resource for the internship hunt. Similar to LinkedIn, Glassdoor users are able to customize and filter their searches to cater to specific job needs. The user interface is outstanding and users are even able to apply to internship opportunities directly from the website. A few aspects of Glassdoor's website that I particularly enjoyed were the ability to "save" a favorite internship to return to later, the ability to review the company's entire history and the ease of reading reviews of the job and salaries.

3. RippleMatch

RippleMatch is the ultimate matchmaker for students looking to find entry-level jobs or internships. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and then the company's matching algorithm connects you to available jobs and internships that match your skillset and preferences. It's also free to use! 

4. College Career Fairs/Expos

Most colleges and universities often offer annual career fairs where several employers set up tables with opportunities for student recruitment. Taking advantage of these events is as simple as showing up and getting a foot in the door. Actively seek out the companies that have RSVP'd to the event and prepare your elevator speech and a current resume. Employers often remember those that make a great, eager impression and leave their resumes behind to review. Don't forget to dress the part!

5. Alumni Networks

Often the most beneficial resources for gaining internships can be the aid of those that came before you. Put your LinkedIn and Glassdoor knowledge to good use and search the alumni currently working at your dream company. If you're able to connect with them, send them an appropriate, yet direct message about your goals and see if you can meet with them for coffee to learn more about their role within the company. 

6. Networking Events

If your school offers networking events, be sure to attend! These are often the most vital and helpful resources for students planning on landing important internships. Many alumni often attend these events with the hopes of offering career insight and advice to current students and they can also place students in touch with higher-ups. At the events, ask as many questions as you can and hand out business cards, if applicable. You never know what opportunities may arise from your preparedness, optimism and professionalism.

Although the quest for internships is often compared to the tedious process of college applications, it can prove to be enjoyable if you simply search in the right areas. Searching in person can be just as effective as searching online, so as college students we must remember to use our communication skills to our advantage. Always jump at every possible opportunity to be a step closer to your dream, and never forget to follow up with a friendly "thank-you" note. Best of luck in your search!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels