1. First up, the Birkenstock. The Birkenstock sandal has made a huge comeback in recent years from the runways to the streets. Wear them with jeans, sweats, shorts, socks or no socks at all, it's really up to you. The best part about Birkenstocks is that they're so comfortable and have the ability to be fashionable at the same time. They're perfect for dragging yourself out of bed for your dreaded 7 AM class, slipping them on and heading out the door.

Photo Credits: Vogue Magazine

2. The Bean Boot (by L.L. Bean). Bean Boots are such versatile shoes because they're stylish while also being very utilitarian. From flood waters to blizzards to freezing rains, Bean Boots can survive anything. They come in various levels of insulation and are best paired with jeans. These are especially useful if you go to school in places with extreme winters (like Chicago or Buffalo) or places with heavy rain (like Louisiana) and have to get to class on an especially terrible day.

Photo Credits: Rue Prep

3.Third on the list is a pair of leather boots. My preference is a mid shin length boot (but depending on the weather where you are a chukka is perfectly acceptable). Leather boots give you that punk rock look that says you have an attitude and sometimes you want to look dangerous. Best worn with jeans or darker chinos (and my personal preference having them loosely laced). Leather boots are awesome because, like Bean Boots, they're super durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions and they look great, so you'll look and feel good on that ten minute walk to your next lecture.

Photo Credits: Lookastic

4. The plain Oxford. You might think, "Oxfords are only for dudes." You're wrong. Oxfords are perfect shoes when you want to dress up without seriously dressing up. Wear them with pretty much anything (except sweatpants) and you've got a stylish look. These shoes are great for anything that requires you to look impressive and professional like: networking events, Greek formals and any sort of interview with a professor or potential employer.

Photo Credits: Fashion Bomb

5. Wrapping up our list is the everyday shoe. This can range from your favorite pair of Sperrys, your trusty Vans, those Nikes you love or some Toms that refuse to fall apart. The point of these is that you can wear these whenever and with whatever without putting much thought into the outfit, which is perfect for the lazy college student on a relaxing weekend into the nearest city for lunch or dinner.

I pick the classic Sperry boat shoe.

Photo Credits: Sperry.com

Lead Photo Credits: Shoe Tease