• Last week, news of two new Harry Potter books from author J.K. Rowling shook up Potterheads across the country. The books, set to release in October, are a celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary. Harry Potter: A History Of Magic should sound familiar to fans; this textbook-style book will be modeled after the History Of Magic book often referenced in the series. The book is said to give an inside look at different subjects young witches and wizards would’ve studied at Hogwarts. The second book, Harry Potter: A Journey Through The History Of Magic, promises to show readers more about Rowling’s creation of the wizarding world.

Naturally, college students have varied opinions on the news. As the generation that grew up reading Harry Potter in grade school and waiting in line at midnight premieres of the movies, most of us have strong opinions on the series.

1. Some are simply thrilled.

"I'm so psyched for these new books, and I'll probably buy them as soon as they're available because I'm THIRSTING for news from the wizard world."

-Carolyn, New York University

2. Others are hopeful that new books will redeem the wizarding world after less-than-satisfying experiences with "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child."

"I was so excited when I heard the Potter universe was getting two new books, and I'm sure any Potterhead would say the same! Although I was quite disappointed with The Cursed Child, I'm really looking forward to these books, since they'll add to the richness of the magical world we know and love." — Sanjana, Cooper Union

"I'm excited! I'm glad these aren't novels because I feel like Harry's actual story should be done and left as it is. I didn't read Cursed Child because it felt like fanfiction ... and I feel like Harry's narrative is done. Fantastic Beasts works better because it feels historical, so these seem promising as just more details rather than a far-fetched story. I like the idea of having more information to put into my own imagination and understanding of the original books." — Emily, Lafayette College

3. Opinions vary between the two books.

"I think the History of Magic book is going to be a flop because it worked well as a vague reference in the series, but actually sitting down and writing it is going to either be unnecessarily intricate or far too sparse. However, I think that the Journey Through The History of Magic is going to be really interesting because it's an official book detailing the process of creating Harry Potter rather than trying to build upon an already overwhelming series." — Rosie, University of Pittsburgh

4. Some are skeptical of their success.

"I think they look interesting, but I also think there are already a lot of books out there to accompany the original Harry Potter series and movies, and I’m not sure we need more. I think I’d rather see her write spin-off stories with new characters in the wizarding world than more of these textbook-style books." — Nicki, Syracuse University

5. College students can see the merit of the books as a good gift idea.

"I mean it's cool and all, but I need some Harry Potter prequel action. Kind of disappointed, but I can survive. It'll make a cool Christmas gift for diehard Potterheads. I know I'm going to get it for my sister." — Kerri, Syracuse University

6. But some are, frankly, SO over it.

"For real though, why are there more books coming? Haven't we been done for years? Now it's just milking the franchise. I really don't think they're necessary at all, the whole point behind them seems like a real stretch just to feed the fans' insatiable desire for more Harry Potter books." — Garret, Bloomsburg University

Where do you stand, diehard fan itching for new material from J.K Rowling, completely tired of any additions to the Harry Potter universe or somewhere in between? Whatever your opinion, you’re not alone. As for me, I’ll be interested to see how fans react to the books when they actually come out (and, let’s face it, I'll probably be buying them too).

Until then, fellow Potterheads.

Lead Image Credit: Troy Jarrell via Unsplash