Welcome to college! Or, if you're an upperclassman student, welcome BACK to college! The summer is officially over, which means that students have either started classes or are preparing to begin the school year soon. If you're thinking that your thoughts as you go about your first day of classes are all over the place, you're not alone. Everyone is trying to finish solidifying their schedule, find their new classrooms and figure out if they're going to love or hate their professors, and it's a lot to handle. Usually, an internal monologue can start to sound like this on the first day:

1. Why did I schedule classes this early?

Snooze. Snooze. SNOOZE. 

2. I need to change my alarm song before I hate it forever.

If I hear "Don't Stop Believing" one more time at 7 a.m. I'm going to lose it. 

3. I can’t be late on the first day of class.

It's day one, I can definitely make it no problem. 

4. If I don’t get moving, I WILL be late.

Well... there's always tomorrow. 

5. To breakfast or not to breakfast, that is the question.

If I don't eat, I can sleep for 15 more minutes. 

6. What are dining hall eggs ACTUALLY made of?

Because...they're not...actual eggs...are they...?

7. First class of the day, let’s go!

*Insert that burst of energy for the first day of school here*

8. I’ve done one icebreaker and I’m already so over them.

Ask me for a fun fact ONE MORE TIME.

9. I hope I have friends in my classes.

Someone I know must share this misery with me. 

10. Apparently, I need to make some new friends in all of my classes.

The odds are not in my favor. 

11. Why do I have 10 minutes to get from one side of campus to the other? That's at least a half-hour jog. 


12. This professor seems chill.

Nice, this guy seems great! 


How could I possibly have miscalculated this horribly?

14. Whose schedule matches up with mine for lunch?

I have between 12:30 and 2 p.m. to make this work, people. 

15. I can’t believe I have real homework already.

Syllabus week doesn't exist everywhere, apparently. 

16. I’m stressed about the stress this semester is going to cause me.

Stressing about the stress of being stressed. 

17. I only go to half of my classes today? 

The suspense for tomorrow is killing me. 

18. What. Have. I. Done. 

American Horror Story: The First Day Of Classes. Hit me up for a copyright deal, Ryan Murphy. 

19. I hope the other half goes smoothly.

I made it through these. I can make it through tomorrow, too. 

20. I’m exhausted and it’s only been one day.

It's acceptable to go to bed at 9:30 in college, right? RIGHT?

21. I’m ready for dinner and sleep.

Food and sleep: the two basic necessities of college. 

22. Shirking my responsibilities in favor Netflix? Sounds good. 

Mad Men vs. poli-sci homework... hmmm... Mad Men wins. 

23. I actually have a good feeling about this year. 

Okay, despite how dramatic I was being earlier today, that wasn't too bad. I can do this. 

24. Now let’s do it all again tomorrow.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I promise, from the second day onwards, things will get clearer. Now, go out and have an incredible semester! You can do it! 

Lead Image Credit: Cathryn Lavery via Unsplash