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Dec 15 2015
by Chase Robinson

10 Ways Your Dorm is Actually a Reality TV Show

By Chase Robinson - Dec 15 2015

Just admit it... you sometimes imagine what would happen if your dorm hall was actually the set of a reality TV show. Complete with a motley crew of characters, extreme revelry and the occasional dose of drama, producers could make a fortune off of your hallmates' spontaneous antics. While you can't receive the immunity idol or eliminate someone each week (as much as you may want to), the following list will help you realize how your hall may very well be the next reality TV show sensation.

1. Arguments

Bad Girls Club (

After living with someone for 3+ months, it is inevitable that they'll get on your nerves one way or another. Just think back to the last time someone left their dirty dishes in the sink or was noisy during "quiet hours" and how much you wanted to just tell them off.  

2. Gossip

Real Housewives of Orange County (

Gossip spreads like wildfire in the residence halls and a late night hangout/study sesh can quickly turn into a roasting match. Rumors can prove deadly, so mix it up and throw glitter rather than shade every so often. 

3. Judging

Rupaul's Drag Race (

Your dorm hall is probably missing a physical judging panel, but I can assure you that the judges *cough* your RA and hallmates *cough* are present. Luckily, in your case, you don't need a 10/10 to pass onto the next week of competition. 

4. Hotties

The Bachelor (

You all know the hottie in room 205A that everyone wants to hook up with. They always stroll around the hall wearing hardly anything, invite over equally attractive strangers, and look flawless even for 8 am classes. Some people are just #blessed.

5. Photoshoots

America's Next Top Model (

Sure, we don't have a professional runway or a Nikon D3X digital SLR camera, but that definitely doesn't stop us from taking jaw-dropping editorial shots. All you need is a smartphone and some aesthetic subject (i.e. latte art or nature) to capture a picture that would put you "on top" in Tyra's book. 

6. Confessionals

Big Brother (

Who needs a diary room when you can confess your inner feelings in the comfort of your own dorm room? College students are skilled at bottling up their emotions until they eventually burst, which can prove relieving or devastating depending on which end you're on.

7. Hall Relationships

Total Drama Island (

Like reality TV show contestants, we dorm residents are notorious for hooking up with people we live with. Though it's wonderfully convenient to start a romantic relationship with someone in your hall, you must avoid the H-word ("hall-cest") at all costs.

8. Alliances

Survivor (

Informally known as "squad," your friends are essential to your social existence. Without them, you would face loneliness and have no one to take duck-face photos with you.

9. Competitions

Amazing Race (

Every dorming college student knows that it's a one-on-one battle when it comes to using the shower, washing machines, or any other shared item in the hall. In regards to these simple tasks, it's the survival of the fittest or at least the quickest.  

10. Parties

Jersey Shore (

Obviously, your RA will put a damper on any uncontrollable festivities; however, we all know that you can still have a blast with moderately quiet EDM on Spotify, a few two-liter Coca-Cola bottles, some munchies, and your squad.   

Lead Image Credit: Survivor (

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Chase Robinson - University of California, Irvine

Chase Robinson is a freshman at the University of California, Irvine majoring in history. He was a Lead Cappies critic in high school and has been published in the Orange County Register, earning the title “Senior Critic of the Year.” Chase loves reading, Disneyland and Netflix. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @meether0bins0n!

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