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Jul 05 2017
by Celine Charles

The Best of Pop Culture During Pride Month

By Celine Charles - Jul 05 2017

Pride Month is great. Rainbow flags fill the streets and creativity to show off pride heightens. Since this month has been especially eventful, we at Fresh U present you with the highlights of pop culture during Pride Month, so you can relive the best moments.

1. Babadook

There’s been a figure that has taken over Pride Month, and that figure is Babadook. When Netflix mistakenly placed The Babadook under their list of LGBT+ films, allies from all social media outlets embraced the character as a new gay icon. Since then Babadook has been everywhere from Pride parades across the country to becoming a popular hashtag #babashook. Even Drag Race star Jinkx Monsoon couldn’t help but confirm her admiration for Babadook on Twitter.

2. Skittles

In order to honor Pride Month, Skittles switched their rainbow colors for plain white packaging and candy, claiming “During Pride, only one rainbow matters”. In addition to showing their support for the LGBTQ+ community, the foregone dyes used to make the candy actually make Skittles a little bit healthier!

3. Rainbow is the New Black

Everyone’s favorite LGBTQ+ show was out in full force during San Francisco’s pride parade, with cast members wearing shirts and holding signs reading "Rainbow is the New Black." Among the most memorable were Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz, who play Maritza and Flaca, rocking the rainbow makeup, and Samira Wiley (Poussey) with her wife Lauren Morelli for spreading the love.

4. This Leslie Jones Inspired Dress

Any other month of the year Leslie Jones is already a source of utter inspiration, but during Pride Month, it is only fair that one takes it a step further by recreating one her iconic tweets into a dress fit for a parade. @heykaylabeth showed off her rainbow dress patterned with Leslie Jones’ tweet “she gay dude stop it lol." Originally aimed at a male fan concerning Kate McKinnon, this girl perfectly redirects the message towards herself and forever physicalizing the great words of Ms Jones.

5. Nike BETRUE

Lately, Nike has been a front runner in promoting diversity with recent advertisements featuring Muslim athletes in hijabs and plus size models. Nike has continued this trend in June by shedding light on the transgender community. The minute-long commercial presents trans athlete Leiomy Maldonado, whilst being narrated by trans artist Precious Angel Ramirez. Watch the video here.

6. Ben & Jerry’s Same Flavor Ban

Outside of the US, Ben & Jerry’s in Australia has made a bold move to ban customers from purchasing two scoops of the same flavor. The ban is to target Australia’s current ban on same-sex marriage, and encourage customers to get involved by getting into contact with parliament as bring about change and acceptance.

7. Rainbow Armpit Hair

Fashion trends tend to be seasonal, however in time for Pride Month, armpit hair has been stealing the show with allies and the LGBTQ+ community dying their hair to mimic the rainbow flag. Aside from showing support, the colored hair is especially popular among women, to fight the stigma against body hair. Go girls!

There’s no doubt that this Pride Month has been eventful, with more businesses and individuals unafraid to show their support and pride for the LGBTQ+ community. We can only wish that this spirit continues throughout the year, because everyone deserves to show off their pride 365 days a year!

Lead Image Credit via UnSplash

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Celine Charles - Marymount Manhattan College

A British gal with a passion for all things comedy! Incoming freshman @ Marymount Manhattan College. LGBTQ+

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