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Aug 26 2017
by Celia Janes

Why I'm Glad I'm Rushing As a Second-Year Student

By Celia Janes - Aug 26 2017

My freshman year of college, I decided to participate in Greek life at my school. I had heard great things from my aunt, who is still close with her sisters from college. I went through the entire rush process, but in the end, decided not to join a sorority my freshman year. I made this decision for several reasons.

First of all, both my parents and I were taken aback by the cost. We knew it would be expensive, but with me as my family's first child in college, we decided that we needed to put that money toward other things that year.

I also wanted to use my freshman year to learn about the school. I wanted to learn how to juggle classes, join other clubs and meet people in the dorms without the added pressure of being in a sorority.

Finally, I didn’t feel that rush week was enough time for me to get to know each sorority. I felt like I had only had a taste of each one, and joining a sorority is a huge commitment that I just didn’t feel ready to make.

Fast-forward 11 months. I finished my first year two months ago and am preparing for my second. I have made new friends, switched majors and joined other clubs. I will be rooming with two amazing girls in a building that I love. I have spent hours talking with my parents and my aunt, and we have decided that it is time to give rush another chance.

Many people say that it is harder to rush as a second-year student. Your pledge class is mostly freshmen, it’s harder to get bids and your new friends might slip away. But truthfully, rush is what you make of it. I personally feel like this is the best opportunity for me. During my first year, I got to know girls in nearly every sorority, and I know I will see them during rush. I have learned from them what it is like to live in the house and I know more about Greek life at my school.

In addition, I am now more prepared for the entire process. Having the opportunity to experience rush last year has allowed me to come in more prepared, and I know what to expect about the process.  I have a better idea of what sororities are looking for, and I have obtained letters of recommendation for about half a dozen houses. I am going in with so much more knowledge and my family’s support.

Of course, I have some reservations about rushing as a second year. What will my old friends and new roommates think? Will I have less time for my current activities? How will it feel to have a pledge class where most girls are freshmen? When looking at my reservations, however, I also look at the positive aspects of recruitment. I may have less time to spend with old friends, but I can also make many new ones, and I will learn to focus on balancing my time to focus on old and new activities. After seeing so many girls enjoy sorority life during my freshman year, I cannot wait to share this special opportunity with other girls next year. And it may feel strange to have a pledge class with mostly freshmen, but I will be able to make new friends and help them with classes and settling into college life.

I’ll be honest and say that my freshman year wasn’t perfect. I’ve had some friendship drama that I would gladly like to leave in the past. But I feel that joining a sorority may give me the stability that I need for my next three years of college. I know that Greek life isn’t for everyone, but I am hopeful for the many opportunities that fall rush will bring.

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