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Oct 01 2017
by Celia Janes

Why I'm Glad I Joined Theatre in College

By Celia Janes - Oct 01 2017

By spring quarter, my freshman year of college wasn’t going too great. While I had made a lot of friends my first quarter, we had sadly drifted apart. I came to college wanting to make close friends but that felt harder and harder as time passed. I was starting to feel lonely and I felt like I had few people I could really turn to. Most other students already had solid friends at that point and it was hard to meet new people. I found myself craving a new friend group and a new environment.

It was around this time that I remembered a conversation I had with a girl a while back. She told me that she was in the ensemble for a school production of "Anything Goes." I loved musicals and was intrigued, so I asked her more about the club. She told me the name and I looked at the website. I found that they were putting on a production of the play "Stage Door." Even though I hadn’t acted since I was in middle school, I decided to audition and see what happened.

I was shocked to learn that I got a part. Even though it was a small role with few lines, I was so excited to be a part of the production. I attended our first read-through, where I met the rest of the cast. We all read our lines and then went out for ice cream. We bonded over "Hamilton" and we all told funny stories. One girl and I even lived in the same building! After that night, it was clear that I had made the right decision.

Over the next few weeks, I bonded with the class like crazy. My new friends and I would rehearse, help build sets and even attend theatre-related parties together. When I went through some drama, it was a theatre friend that I turned to. I learned about the past productions they had put on and what to expect for the next year. The week before our performances (also known as tech week), we spent seven hours a day together every day. I became closer with them in that week than I had with my other friends over the course of a few months. Our performances were amazing and we all celebrated at the end.

This year, I plan to put all my energy into theatre. While I am not quite talented enough to dance or sing in our three musicals ("Cabaret," "The Little Mermaid" and "Sister Act"), I still want to stay involved. I plan to apply for a staff position and I want to learn to do hair and makeup for the shows. While I may not make this a career, my theatre friends are becoming my family and I plan to stay involved until the day I graduate. Theatre has given me a creative outlet and, more importantly, close friends I can always count on.

Lead Image Credit: Sawyer Bengston via Unsplash

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Celia Janes -

Celia Janes is a sophomore at UCLA. She is majoring in Human Biology and Society with a minor in History. She enjoys running, reading, and watching Netflix. Her favorite classes include Journalism in high school and Italian Film in college. She is involved in Bruin Scouts, Honors Fellows, and HOOLIGAN Theatre. She loves trying new food and exploring LA (especially new hikes) in her free time.

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