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Jun 28 2017
by Celia Janes

Find Out What Type of Student You Are Based On Your Hogwarts House

By Celia Janes - Jun 28 2017

The Harry Potter series defined children’s literature in our generation. We grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We were with them when they destroyed Horcruxes and fought Voldemort. We watched the movies in the theater and we rejoiced when The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them were announced. Those of us who were able to, we visited the Harry Potter theme parks at Universal Studios in Florida and California.

Ever since the invention of the Pottermore website, Potter fans have been able to further explore Hogwarts and the wizarding world. Fans can take quizzes to determine their wand, their Patronus and most importantly, their Hogwarts house. Hogwarts students are sorted into one of four houses based on the traits they value most. Ravenclaws value wit and knowledge, Gryffindors value chivalry and bravery, Hufflepuffs value kindness and hard work and Slytherins value cunningness and ambition. Students in each house tend to share a particular set of traits. These traits can sometimes determine how you will react to certain situations, including academic ones. Here are the four types of college students, as described by their Hogwarts house.


Gryffindor students are here to make the most of their college experience. They are the life of the party and always want to try new things. You can spot them at every sporting event and get-together. They are friendly, social and willing to meet new people. They never let an opportunity pass them by. They will join as many clubs as possible and party every week.

Gryffindors are known for being passionate and headstrong, so when they find a subject they like, they will probably dedicate their entire class load to it. Their major will tend to be their sole academic focus. Gryffindors should be careful to keep classes from taking a back seat, however. You may be tempted to skip class to catch up with friends or grab a bite to eat, but be sure to maintain your grades. Partying is fun and fun is important, but so is your GPA.


Slytherins are known for their ambition, and this will show during college. Slytherins will choose two or three extracurricular activities and rise to the top, becoming the president of multiple organizations by senior year. They will also bring serious change to each group they lead and will be sure to leave their mark on their school.

This ambition will show in the classroom as well. They tend to go for majors that will bring them success after graduation, such as political science, business economics or something to prepare them for a prestigious graduate degree (such as pre-med or pre-law). They will surely be motivated to have an outstanding GPA and they will always strive to be above the curve. Slytherins should be careful, however, from letting their desire to succeed from getting in the way of learning. College is meant to be a time to explore, and enjoying your classes is just as important as succeeding in them.


Ravenclaws are known as the most academically inclined house. They value wit, knowledge, creativity and acceptance. Ravenclaws will want to join activities to help them learn about the world around them, such as cultural clubs, debate, book clubs and honors societies. They can often be found reading material that isn’t necessarily related to the assignment. They are the first to talk with new friends about their favorite book, and they love to share information and discuss new topics such as science and politics. They will take advantage of every opportunity to learn.

Ravenclaws tend to have many diverse interests and will have difficulty choosing classes. They are the most likely to take a variety of gen eds and test a variety of subjects. In addition to a unique major, Ravenclaws will probably graduate with at least one minor or even a double-major. They will take fun classes that may not even be related to their degree at all. However, Ravenclaws should try to stay focused. It may be tempting to ignore your dreaded chemistry midterm or philosophy essay to study for a more interesting class, but Ravenclaws need to pay attention to all classes. Ravenclaws may also try to experiment too much with various classes, which can distract them from their goals. Ravenclaws should aim to have fun in college, and attend non-academic events as well.


Hufflepuffs are the friendliest house. They always see the good in others. They will become your fastest and most loyal friends, and they will always have your back and will never leave you. They are also known as hard workers and will put effort into everything that they do, including friendship. They will enjoy volunteering in college and will be the first to offer to help you in any subject you’re struggling in. They will form the best study groups with awesome snacks. At parties, Hufflepuffs will be social butterflies who want to meet everyone.

In class, Hufflepuffs won’t shy away from doing the hard work. They will have their homework completed on time every week. They will be prepared to study many hours for a difficult test, and they will always put a lot of effort into each paper. Hufflepuffs should be careful in college to put themselves first sometimes. They might feel tempted to help their friend study math event though they have a difficult chemistry exam the next day. They also might want to help a friend pack for winter break when they haven’t even started packing their own luggage. Hufflepuffs need to do things that are important for themselves, too. They need to enjoy college, and they shouldn’t let their friendliness keep them from doing so.

This list might not describe your exact college experiences, but it is a helpful guide to assist you in navigating your first year of college. Maximize how much fun you have, but also stay responsible and remember that grades are important, too. Above all, stay involved, meet new people and have a great year.

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Celia Janes is a sophomore at UCLA. She is majoring in Human Biology and Society with a minor in History. She enjoys running, reading, and watching Netflix. Her favorite classes include Journalism in high school and Italian Film in college. She is involved in Bruin Scouts, Honors Fellows, and HOOLIGAN Theatre. She loves trying new food and exploring LA (especially new hikes) in her free time.

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