As you look at schools, you'll probably consider a large variety of factors. Are they public or private? Are they close to or far from your hometown? Are they religious? Do they have Greek life? There are so many aspects of a school to take into consideration. One of the most common factors potential students look for in a school is the size. Each size comes with its own benefits and downsides. As someone who attends a large public university, I believe that there are 10 major benefits of attending a large university.

1. You meet more people.

At school, I am always meeting new people. It almost seems like I meet a new person every day. If you attend a large school, you will find that there are a lot of people at school you have things in common with. You will meet a lot of people who live in other halls or dorm buildings. If your class has over 3,000 students, it is likely that you will always have people to talk to.

2. There is always something to do.

Large schools tend to have large events, and these events happen often. Whether it's building events, off-campus trips or parties with friends, there is always something to do. You will never feel bored at a large school. In fact, at times you will feel too busy to study!

3. There are more clubs to join.

Large schools tend to have hundreds of clubs for any interest. Examples include theatre, writing clubs, cultural clubs, debate, volunteer-oriented clubs and club sports. At a larger school, you will find lots of people who have the same interests as you. And in the rare event that you can’t find a club that fits your interests, you and your friends have the opportunity to form a new club to fit your niche.

4. There are more opportunities in general.

A large school means lots of connections and lots of career opportunities. Large schools such as USC are known for their large alumni networks. Networking events and pre-professional clubs give students opportunities for internships and jobs after graduation. There are also more opportunities for on-campus minimum wage jobs for some extra spending money. And certain school will also give you discounts for local theme parks, movie theaters and other attractions.

5. You have more options for classes.

At a small school, everyone will take the same professor for a certain class. At large schools, however, you can have up to five lecture options for certain lower division classes. This is especially true for math and science classes that are pre-requisites for multiple majors. This means that you can choose your professor and you aren’t stuck taking the 8 a.m. class.

6. There are more study spaces on campus.

Large schools tend to have large libraries where you can make use of all the resources available. With so many options for study spaces, you will quickly find your favorite spot. You won’t be confined to just one or two small libraries. There are also often large study rooms that are great for study groups, and you may even be able to reserve a private room.

7. You have more on-campus resources.

Large schools tend to have on-campus fast-food restaurants, hospitals, mental health and legal services and career centers. At a large school, you should take advantage of all these opportunities. You won’t be confined to a small number of services and you can have a more personalized experience.

8. There are more food options.

More students = more dining halls = more dining options. Rather than having one or two dining halls with the same food every day, you may have five or six dining halls, and each one will have its own menu. One may have Mediterranean food while another one may have the best burritos. You will probably also find healthier options and a greater array of vegetarian meals. You definitely won’t be sick of dorm food at a larger school.

9. You likely have a lot of school spirit.

If you go to a large school, you probably have at least a few great sports teams. Even if you don’t have football or basketball, you will have the opportunity to watch volleyball or baseball games against great schools. You will find large crowds at every event and a lot of students will be holding signs supporting their team. And chances are, your school will love its mascot.

10. Every year can bring a new you.

A new year means even more opportunities. You will meet new freshmen and transfer students, join new clubs and live in a new hall or apartment. If you want change by the end of your freshman year, you know that you can make your next year a completely different experience.

Although small schools have their own benefits, it is undeniable that large schools offer the most opportunities. You are almost guaranteed to never be bored. Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can in order to have a great freshman year!

Lead Image Credit: Endup Lepcha via Unsplash