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Nov 27 2016
by Catherine Cheng

8 Things to do When Weather Leaves You Stuck Inside

By Catherine Cheng - Nov 27 2016
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When snow and rain comes falling down in the midst of winter, you might start to feel a bit trapped in your dorm. Going outside to meet a friend doesn't seem like it's worth the cold and wetness. Here's a list of things you might do when you're having one of those stay inside days.

1. Make a mug of hot chocolate in the microwave.

Anete Lusina via Unsplash

Hot chocolate is best enjoyed when it's cold and wet outside. Mix sugar, cocoa and salt (or just your favorite mix) in a mug and heat milk up in the microwave for 1-1/2 minutes. Gradually add the milk to the mixture, stirring it up until blended. Add cinnamon and marshmallows to spice things up. 

2. Put on fuzzy slippers and snuggle under the covers.

Matthew Henry via Unsplash

Nothing beats a day inside like a nap with fuzzy blankets and slippers. Pull your throw up to your chin and dream away of sunnier days. Check out this ultra-fuzzy Bertte Ultra Velvet Plush Throw Blanket if you're looking to indulge.

3. Play a game of speed with your roommate.


All you need to play this game is a deck of cards. Challenge your roomie to this game of speech and wits and loser buys pizza.

4. Skype your faraway friends.

Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

Okay, let's be real, you've probably neglected your old friends. This is a great time to catch up on memories. Play true or dare or just heart to heart. 

5. Netflix with a box of chocolates and popcorn.


Netflix for hours and let guilty treats help you relax from otherwise stressful days. Melt chocolate into your popcorn or add caramel drizzle to up the game. 

6. Catch up on homework to the sound of rain.

Mario Calvo via Unsplash

Pull your desk next to your window and watch rain/snow pleat against your window glass. Let the sounds and sights inspire you to finally start on that four thousand word essay. 

7. Do a face mask and paint your nails.


Stretch out on a rug or your comforter as your close your eyes to the soft moisture of face masks and give your nails a new shade. Try a white to reflect the frost of winter or a warmer color to keep the cold away. 

8. Have an impromptu karaoke night.


Every holiday season needs holiday songs. Hook up your speakers and join your hall-mates in a midnight caroling session. Just make sure not to wake anyone up.

Rain/snow days can be the best days. See these times as relax times and do nothing times. Have fun and indulge yourself in the warmness of this beautiful season.

Lead Image Credit: Dominik Martin via Unsplash

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Catherine Cheng - The University of Texas at Austin

Catherine Cheng is a freshman at the University of Texas – Austin majoring in Business and hopefully picking up a certificate in Computer Science. She enjoys casually binge watching TV shows, drinking iced tea, and overusing Sriracha. In her free time, she can be found writing prose and musing about contemporary poetry books.

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