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Jul 29 2016
by Catherine Cheng

40 of the Best Subscription Boxes for College Students

By Catherine Cheng - Jul 29 2016

Subscription boxes are the next big thing. Put simply, a subscription box is a package of products sent to subscribers on a monthly (or weekly) basis. It's like having a box of Christmas presents delivered to your doorstep! With college coming up and promising homesickness, stress and limited time, you might want to try subscribing to a box to help alleviate some of the unwanted side effects of school. Here is a list of some suitable boxes to check out:


Food boxes are your go to when you need a break from campus food. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a acquired taste for Japanese snacks, there's a box for you. These are perfect for late night study binges and fillers before meals. Let's be real, who doesn't want a snack delivery at the beginning of each month?

Candy Club

1. Treatsie ($16.92 per month) - A box of the best artisan sweets from confectioners around the country. This box includes treats such as cookies and chocolate from various unique brands. Each box can contain up to $25 worth of sweets.

2. Graze ($11.99 per month) - Each box comes with four nutritionist-approved snacks that are chosen according to your given preferences. Since the snacks are tailored to your tastebuds, you're sure to be pleased.

3. MiamMiam ($11.00+ per month) - This box brings you all the best in food, snacks, and drinks from France. The box gives you three different size options, as well an additional option for a "Gourmet" box, which is high-quality french food selected by local experts. 

4. Love with Food ($7.99 per month) - Get eight or more packaged snacks that are organic, natural, GMO-free and gluten-free. On top of that, the company donates one meal to a food bank in the U.S. every time a box is purchased. Eat good and feel good!

5. Munchpak ($9.95 per month) - Perfect for snack lovers and those with wanderlust. Each box comes with an assorted set of snacks from around the world, allowing your tastebuds to travel without you ever having to move.

6. Candy Club ($19.99 per month) - If you have a sweet tooth, this is the box for you and it comes with a three candy mix each month. Candy Club also gives you the option to pick your own candies if you're not one for surprises. 

7. Mistobox ($20.00 per month) - This box is perfect for all caffeine lovers and late night crammers. Get bags of high-end coffee beans from around the world and coffee roasted per your preferences when you subscribe. 

8. Skoshbox ($10.00 per month) - Even the name of this box sounds amazing. If you love Pocky, trendy items and wacky flavors, this is the box for you. This box comes with an assortment of Japanese snacks that may almost be too cute to eat.

9. Mystery Chocolate Box ($15.92 per month) - This box is a great choice for those of us who indulge in the guilty pleasure of chocolate. Each month you'll receive three bars of chocolate of mysterious flavored ingredients. Make a game out of guessing flavors AND rest happy knowing the company donates two meals for each box you open. 

10. Simple Loose Leaf ($7.50 per month) - Get at least four bags of loose tea leaves each month with this box, including a black tea, a green tea, an herbal tea and more. This is a great choice for those who love a hot, healthy drink.

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In college, going to the mall may be less convenient and too time consuming, that's where this box comes in. Explore new makeup products without having to go through the effort of finding them and turn each month into a indulgent exploration and spa-worthy treatment session.

Boxy Charm
Glowing Beets

11. Ipsy ($10 per month) - Ipsy sends you five beauty samples each month along with a makeup bag. This is a great box in terms of value with some bags reaching a value of up to $40. You might also receive beauty tools such as brushes or tweezers.

12. Boxy Charm ($19.25 per month) - This box comes with five full-sized products valued at around $100 each month and is perfect for those looking to refresh their makeup product selection monthly. 

13. Yuzen ($33.00 per box) - Yuzen is the definition of spa experiance in a box. Each box comes with natural beauty products to comfort and relax your skin and look. Typically they'll throw in a non-beauty item such as chocolate too. 

14. Allure ($15.00 per month) - Each box comes with noteworthy, deluxe-sized beauty products from both major brands and newcomers. On top of that, you'll receive a mini magazine with trusted reviews with your products. 

15. Birchbox ($10.00 per month) - Birchbox is an original beauty box and is great for those into discovering new brands. Each box comes with five beauty samples and you can write reviews on the products for in-store points. 

16. Cocotique ($20.00 per month) - This box is made with women of color in mind. Every month you'll receive up to eight beauty items that are a mix of sample and full-sized products.

17. Orglamix ($29.00 per month) - Orglamix prides itself on offering handmade vegan and cruelty free makeup and beauty products. In addition to that, for every box sold they provide a meal to orphaned children in need. They offer eye shadows, essential oil roll-ons, lipstick, and more. 

18. BeautyFIX ($24.95 per month) - BeautyFIX offers at least six professional grade spa products in each of its boxes and is created by skin experts. This is a great high-value box that offers a variety of items.

19. Glowing Beets ($29.95 per month) - This box offers up to four deluxe-sized or full-sized products each month. They are known for promoting natural, high-quality beauty products that help you work towards healthy, glowing skin.


Fashion is often costly and these subscriptions are no different, but if you're feeling adventurous, why not give the reins to a personal stylist and add some new items to your closet? This is a cool, new way to up your closet's wow factor.

Elizabeth and Clarke
Shoe Dazzle

20. Golden Tote ($59.00 per month) - Personal stylists will help you pick your look based on your shape, size and style and the $59 starter boxes are valued up to $200! If you're looking for up one item you choose and one beautiful surprise item each month, this is your box. You also get a cute tote to go with your new pieces!

21. Elizabeth and Clarke ($20.00 per shirt) - Subscribe to Elizabeth and Clarke to get up to three shirts per season. This choice is perfect for those interested in high-quality blouses and tees for dressing both up and down the situation.

22. Comma Vintage ($39.00 per three months) - If you're a college guy without access to a vintage store on your campus, this is the box for your. Comma Vintage delivers curated vintage menswear every three months from brands like Levi's, Nike, LL Bean, and more. 

23. Stitch Fix ($20.00 styling fee and varying cost based on items) - Want to have your clothing and accessories selected by a personal stylist? Stitch Fix sends you around five handpicked pieces and you even have the option of sending back those you don't like. 

24. Shoe Dazzle ($39.95 per month) - Every month, get access to a personal showroom full of new shoes. If you become a VIP member, you'll receive a pair of shoes every month!

25. Fabletics ($49.95 per month) - Are athletic styles more your thing? Then Fabletics is for you. This box lets you choose the items you want each month and  you can always skip a month.

26. Wantable ($20.00 styling fee and varying cost based on items) - Pay a styling fee and receive five items to try on. Keep what you like and return what you don't, you'll only be billed for items you keep. Wantable also offers subscriptions in accessories, makeup and intimates that you should check out.

Male Products

Believe it or not, box subscriptions are not just for women. There are plenty of box subscriptions that cater towards those who identify as male and feature grooming, hygienic and fashion products. 

Loot Crate
Five Four Club
Bespoke Post

27. Birchbox Men ($20.00 per month) - A spinoff of the box tailored towards women, this box offers males sample sizes of new grooming products. Its boxes include products ranging from face wash to cologne. 

28. Loot Crate ($13.95 per month) - This box is for both female and male geeks. With crates offering gaming, anime, comic and more loot, there is a choice for everyone. Each box comes with licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods and other products.

29. Tshirtaholic ($25.00 per month) - If you're addicted to t-shirts, this is for you. Get a new t-shirt each month with the type of design you specify.

30. Five Four Club ($60.00 per month) - Each month, receive three different clothing pieces catered to your style profile. This box is perfect for males wanting to try out new styles. 

31. Bespoke Post ($45.00 per month) - Bespoke Post sends you gifts full of surprises. Each box is themed, unique, handpicked and limited edition. Past boxes have featured food, drinks, shoes, bags and other products. Bespoke Post also gives you the option to preview a box and skip a month if you aren't interested in that month's products.


If we're being honest, sometimes we just want to throw our textbooks across the room. Required reading can become boring fast and that's why it's not a bad idea to commit to a book box subscription. Get fresh reading material each month to remind yourself that reading is not necessarily painful.

The Bookish Box

32. Bookishly's Tea and Book Club ($12 per box) - This is the perfect subscription to get if you're looking for happiness in a box. Each box comes with a surprise vintage paperback book and a different ground coffee each month. 

33. BookCase.Club ($9.99 per box) – This box is perfect for those who want to read new books each month, but having trouble deciding on their next book. BookCase.Club delivers two books to your door each month for only $9.99. You can decide on the genre you want to read, from Sci-Fi, to Young Adult, to Romance. 

34. LitKit ($37.00 per box) - This is a box for writers as well as readers. Each month LitKit pairs up with an independent author, poet or publisher and showcases their best work. They'll also send you an assortment of literary devices such as writing supplies, journals, prompts and doses of inspiration. 

35. The Bookish Box ($18.99 per month) - Each box comes with a shirt and book inspired home, beauty and fashion items. The company also supports small shops and authors to give you access to unique, usable items. This is the go to box for stylish bookworms.

36. Uppercase Box ($23.00 per month) - This box is for young adult readers and features a carefully selected YA book, bonus item, access to exclusive author content and handwritten letter explaining the selection. 

37. Cozy Reader Club ($57.67 per month) - A high end box subscription for those looking for something full of class. Each box features up to six items including a recent hardcover novel, artisan hot drinks, handmade items and gourmet treats. 

38. OwlCrate ($29.99 per month) - One of the most popular book subscription boxes, each OwlCrate box comes with a newly published young adult book and up to five other bookish goodies as well as items with publishers and authors. The best part? All the boxes are themed!


39. Busy Bee Stationery ($39.99 per month) - Intended for the ~busy bees~ out there, this box will send you a curated selection of beautiful stationery each month. If you're obsessed with adorable pens and notebook, this is the box for you. 

40. Planner Girl Provisions ($19.99 per month) - Cheaper than the box mentioned above, this box will provide you with themed planners, stationery, and planner accessories like stickers, page flags, washi tape, and more!

That's a lot of boxes, but if these boxes aren't exactly what you want and you are into the idea of box subscriptions nonetheless, there are many other types of boxes out there. Do a quick search and find the one that's right for you! 

Note that the prices listed are subscription prices that offer optimal savings, pricing for individual boxes may be more expensive.

Lead Image Credit: Shawnee Wilborn via Unsplash

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