Winter break has officially started for a majority of us. Here are some signs you're in deep this winter holiday season.

1. You spend upwards of three hours of day bonding with the pet you left behind.

2. Your younger siblings won't stop pestering you to play with them.

3. Suddenly playing Wii/Playstation/Game Cube is relevant again.

4. Each morning consists of never getting out of bed.

5. You pick up reading for fun again...maybe.

6. Your parents are pushing food your way, but what gives, you're not one to complain.

7. Holiday lights are being strung up around the house and you keep tripping over them.

8. Dorm chores have become home chores and you don't want to wash another dish in your life.

9. GIFT SHOPPING?! What does Aunt Whatever-Her-Name-Is want again?

10. Your holiday diet is already crashing, burning and dead.

11. A small part of your brain might miss school, just a little.

Winter break is a fun time but can also be slightly nostalgic. Keep up with your friends and your affairs back at school, but enjoy your time alone. Have the best of holidays and Fresh U hopes all your wishes come true.

Lead Image Credit: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash