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Oct 09 2016
by Catherine Cheng

10 Thoughts You've Had About the Person Sitting Next to You in Class

By Catherine Cheng - Oct 09 2016

College means new school, new environment, new classrooms and, most importantly, new classmates. Whether your class turns out to be full with new mates or ridden with people you don't particularly mesh with, you're going  to spend a lot of time thinking about the person in the seat next to you – especially if you sit in the same seat every day. Here are a few thoughts you might have.

1. "What the heck are they drawing? Is that a rabid rabbit?!"

When your professor drones on and on, you won't be able to help your drifting eyes. Is the person next to you just as bored as you? Maybe that's why their doodles are becoming increasingly insane.

2. "How are they doing this question so fast? Am I just dumb?"

If this is your weak subject, chances are there is someone in your class who will appear to be much smarter. Don't sweat it. See if you can ask them for some help and you might make a new friend in the process.

3. "I swear if they type any faster their keyboard will break."

Sometimes you can't help but notice all the typing sounds coming from your neighbor, especially when they type at the speed of light. Maybe they could race you?

4. "They have such dreamy eyes..."

Maybe you're sitting next to a cutie. If they seem like an interesting person, it doesn't hurt to see if they'd like to hangout outside of class.

5. "Maybe they'll want to eat lunch together?"

If you're feeling up to it, ask to hangout with the people in your class. Grabbing food or coffee is easy to do and totally casual in college. Whether you're looking for a date or a friend, just ask. Asking is the first step to anything.

6. "Just kidding! Talking to them would be moving way too fast. I should just keep to myself."

Asking them out can, however, take a lot of guts. Don't be worried if you feel a little embarrassed. Making small talk gets easier with time.

7. "LOL, thank goodness the Professor called them and not me."

Let's be real, we all do a sigh of relief when we aren't the ones picked on to answer that impossible math question. Maybe you'll sympathize a little with the person next to you, but really you'll just be happy you weren't the one called on.

8. "Either they take thirty minutes to pee or they're just skipping."

If they get up randomly in the middle of class and leave, you might spend the rest of class staring at the door and wondering when they'll be back. At first you think they went to go get some water, but as time drags on, you realize they just went home.

9. "Should I tell them my roommate stalked their Facebook yesterday?"

The answer to this one is always "no."

10. "Are we friends yet?"

And the answer to this one is usually "yes."

Here's the thing: you won't always like the person you sit next to and when you don't, don't worry about it. However, give every new person you meet a chance. Who knows - maybe, just maybe, you'll meet a new best friend or at the very least, a study buddy for those late-night mid-term cram sessions.

Lead Image Credit: Alejandro Alvarez via Unsplash

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Catherine Cheng - The University of Texas at Austin

Catherine Cheng is a freshman at the University of Texas – Austin majoring in Business and hopefully picking up a certificate in Computer Science. She enjoys casually binge watching TV shows, drinking iced tea, and overusing Sriracha. In her free time, she can be found writing prose and musing about contemporary poetry books.

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