On this glorious Sunday before school resumes, staying calm is the last thing on our minds. With Thanksgiving Break ending, here are a few thoughts college students everywhere might be experiencing.

1. "I need to eat three more slices of pie before pie season is over."

2. "No! Please, no. I still have a whole season left to finish before I'm caught up."

3. "My friends are just all flying away again. No big deal at all. I'm fine. Maybe." 


5. "On the bright side, no more discussing politics with far removed relatives." 

6. "Big bed, soft mattress, how I will miss you when I leave."

7. "How am I going to bring all the stuff I bought on Black Friday back to my dorm?"

8. "I wonder if my roommate will bring back leftovers. Should I bring leftovers?" 

9. "Why are we even going back to school, winter break is in less than a month away."

10. "Wait a second. Why didn't anyone remind me about finals? Be right back, cram studying, don't bother me."

Fret not, winter break comes faster than you might expect and if all goes well, your finals will be bearable. Just don't forget to hook up on caffeine, Thanksgiving leftovers and good wishes from the approaching holiday season.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels