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Dec 13 2016
by Catherine Cheng

10 Post-Final Thoughts About Winter Break

By Catherine Cheng - Dec 13 2016

Finals week had you hanging, but the moment you lift your pen up from the last question on your last test, the air lifts and the holiday spirit settles in. Whether you're packing to go home, boarding the plane for a ski trip or staring out the window of a car destined for your hometown, the blessedness of break is sure to hit you. Here are a few thoughts you might experience.

1. "Parents are going to ask about that C, but I'm alive and that's all that matters."

After the tests, you deserve a break. Even if you didn't do as hot as you should have, take a deep breath and relax. This is your time to de-stress the past semester.

2. "The only thing I want for Christmas is to pass."

Hopefully your wishes come true and the good scores come rolling in for a perfect holiday season.

3. "I swear I took my charger... please tell me I didn't leave it in my dorm."

In all honestly, you'll probably forget at least one thing in your dorm. Don't sweat it, unless it's your phone in which case you have every right to start freaking out.

4. "How is my roommate going to survive without me by their side?"

After spending a whole semester living with your roommate, it's going to be hard saying goodbye to them. You'll see them again soon though!

5. "HAHAHA my sibling isn't on break yet, the house will be all mine."

The best part of college is getting a whole month of break, which means an empty house to yourself before your family lets out for break. Party? Party.

6. "Holidays are the real reason why the freshman 15 is a thing."

After months of bland dorm food, you're going to gobble down everything at home. Indulge, but don't forget to eat some greens as well. 

7. "When is it appropriate to start singing Christmas songs?"

The holidays never felt so real, but Christmas is still a while away depending on when your school lets out for break. No worries, sing anyways.

8. "Does being in college mean I'm too old to get presents?"

You are never too old to get presents!

9. "I should have gotten my parents gifts but I'm broke from Chipotle."

They'll understand the pains of having little money. DIY and sweet thoughts are enough. How about a home cooked meal?

10. "Wait a second, what am I going to do for an entire month?"

Once you'll get home, the absurd length of free time you suddenly have will hit you. Good thing college has taught you (maybe) the useful skill of scheduling and time blocking.

Regardless of your affinity to the holidays and the traditions you celebrate, Fresh U wishes you the best season and break of your life to round out your first semester of college. Enjoy!

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Catherine Cheng - The University of Texas at Austin

Catherine Cheng is a freshman at the University of Texas – Austin majoring in Business and hopefully picking up a certificate in Computer Science. She enjoys casually binge watching TV shows, drinking iced tea, and overusing Sriracha. In her free time, she can be found writing prose and musing about contemporary poetry books.

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