Most of us have had the Pinterest-worthy dorm dream at one point or another. Actually achieving those dreams are a different story: hours of DIY mess and decor shopping later, we're left unamused and a total mess. So for those of us who are not artistically inclined and those of us who are low on time, here is a list of worthy dorm items to purchase from Etsy. Of course, beware of the prices and never spend more money than your budget allows!

1. Headboards

Typically dorms provide you beds without headboards. Adding a headboard to your room can automatically make it appear more classy and put together.

Fabric Dorm Headboard by GrayWhaleHome ($70.00+)
Vinyl Headboard by VinylThingzWalls ($35.00)
Fabric Dorm Headboard by GrayWhaleHome ($75.00)

2. Pencil Holder

A good pencil holder will keep your stationary organized and make your desk look that much more cozy.

Mason Jar Office Organizer by VintageDaisyHome ($26.00)
Driftwood Pencil Holder
by DriftingConcepts ($25.00)
Hedgehog Pencil Holder
by LennyMud ($18.00)
Timber Pencil Holder
by Timberandcoau ($19.26)
Wood Desk Organizer
by Myflowermeadow ($36.76)

3. Jewelry Organizer

If you're someone with a lot of rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, you're going to need a way to store all of them without going crazy. Here are a few chic pieces to help you out:

Earring Tree by JustAddJewelry ($11.50)
Triangle Jewelry Organizer by pieceofshards ($39.95)
Glitter Dipped Stud Earring Holder by JustAddJewelry ($18.00)
Deer Antler Rack by WoodfireCandle ($54.50)
Ring Organizer by TwigandCone ($14.00)
Ornate Jewelry Bar by TheHopeStack ($28.50)
Jewelry Organizer by TheHopeStack ($20.50)
Large Wood Jewelry Organizer by FirwoodForest ($54.00)

4. Decorative Thumbtacks

Chances are, you'll be tacking things to either the wall or your bulletin board quite often. Spice things up with some unique tacks.

Rainbow Legos by BrickandButton ($14.99)
Fabric Buttons by TheDoveTree ($15.50)
Rustic Hearts by techstudent ($14.95)
Pearl Pushpins by GiftsNThisNThat ($9.00)
Handcrafted Owls by UKcraftsandcrochet ($5.64)
Flowers by SewSassiBoutique ($11.00)
M&Ms by YoJojohandmade ($4.65)
Angel Wings by UnconventionalJ ($11.00+)
Pink Roses by Personalizedsite ($6.50)

5. Lights

One can never have enough light.

Light Bulb Vase by omorfigiadesigns ($16.00)
String Photo Lights by MasonKreationsEtsy ($23.00+)
Rose Garland Lights by FairybyFoxie ($19.50+)
Wooden Tea Light Holder by BeamDesigns ($26.88)
Peter Pan Mason Jar Lamp by PracPerfCrafts ($50.00)
Tea Light Holders by andrewsreclaimed ($33.00)

6. Calendar

A great organizational tool if you keep up with it and also a great way to lighten up dim walls.

Hot Air Balloon Dry Erase Calendar by PulpAndPine ($25.00)
Dry Erase Calendar by PulpAndPine ($25.00)
Printable Wall Calendar by aTypeOfInspiration ($5.74)
Watercolor Flower Calendar by ScribbledCo ($39.95)
Small Wall Chalk Calendar by WriteOnDecals ($35.00+)
Wall Planner by CreativeFixDesign ($16.95)
Vertical Planning Calendar by BlissNotions ($13.99+)
Floral Write-In Calendar by ShopKatharineWatson ($22.00)
Flora and Fauna Calendar by ModernPrintedMatter ($12.00+)

7. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a great way to decorate your dorm and make it appear more cohesive. On top of that, it's cheap, easy to reposition and residue-free!

Recollections Washi Tapes by CutieLine ($16.95)
Tape Dispenser Storage Case by MagicalElement ($6.39)
8 Assorted Rolls by TheSewingPost ($18.00)
Shaved Ice Rainbow Ombre by SimplyGildedCo ($4.00)
Forest Animals by BellasBeadHabit ($2.95)
Pink and Gold by TheWashiShop ($6.00)
Stackable Washi Tape Dispenser by AWalkDownMemoryLane ($5.00)
Mint Green by PrettyTape ($2.25)

8. Clocks

Put away the digital clocks, these wall clocks are sure to make your dorm room the most unique in the hall. 

Mood Wall Clock by SmoothAsClockwork ($29.95)
College Inspired Clock by LetterThings ($19.00)
Ice Cream Clock by MrWolfeClocks ($29.27+)
Blossoms Clock by ObjectifyHomeware ($26.00)
Bird Wood Wall Clock by 8Trees ($30.00)
Disney Princess Quote Clock by LetterThings ($19.00)
Honeycomb Wall Clock by JSLaserCraft ($46.68+)

9. Terrarium

The next best thing to having a puppy in your dorm is having a beautiful terrarium. 

Small Air Plant by BlissGardensBoutique ($23.00+)
Marimo Moss Ball by TinyTerrains ($28.00+)
Minimalist Air Plant by TheModimalist ($26.00)
Hanging House by Anniebabysupplies ($29.99)
Black Sand Air Plant by PlantandColor ($20.99+)
Orchids by Floralistic ($30.00)
Succulents by SourceSucculents ($26.99)

10. Mugs

Mugs are perfect for holding your preferred caffeinated beverage and decorating your otherwise bare desk or shelf.

Architect by PhotoCeramics ($14.25)
I May Snap by FoxyMug ($15.00+)
Mug of Motivation by KatieAbeyDesign ($10.61)
I'm Introverting by PaperBerryPress ($16.00)
Engineer by NeuronsNotIncluded ($12.50)
Don't Touch Me Peasant by FranklyNoted  ($13.97+)
Poop Mug by MostToastyGoods ($13.95+)
Grumpy Cat by miristudio ($14.15)
Correcting Your Grammar by MadelineHomeDecor ($16.00+)

In the end though, don't worry too much if your dorm isn't "pretty" or "decorated" enough. Your dorm is yours and should reflect what you value as a person. It's perfectly fine to design as much as you'd like or not at all. Be smart and have fun!

Lead Image Credit: Etsy