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Jan 17 2018
by Cassidy Jackson

5 Youtubers to Watch to Motivate Your Health and Fitness Goals

By Cassidy Jackson - Jan 17 2018

About 30 minutes ago, I got back from the gym. I did an ab circuit. I ran on the treadmill...and in the process might have shown a little too much...of the butt area. Pretty sure my shorts were too short. Other than that awkwardness, I’m feeling amazing. I’m feeling liberated. I’m feeling empowered. Somehow, I’ve been able to exceed one of my New Year’s Resolution, and get my pump on at the gym three days a week. I’ve somehow managed to workout the past seven days in a row! I’m killing it if I don’t say so myself. You wanna know what’s been keeping me going? Motivation of the New Year! To keep the motivation from flatlining like my hair in the dead of winter, I’ve been avidly following Youtubers. When my motivation is lacking, I turn to a couple Youtubers who are killing their fitness goals one day at a time. Here are some of them!

1. Cambria Joy


Subscribers: 623,607

Cambria Joy just leaves me speechless all the time. She’s kicking butt in regards to exercise, religion and healthy eating. Basically, if she doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will. On her Youtube channel, you’ll find videos centered around how to develop healthy habits regarding both eating and fitness. What I love and appreciate about Cambria is her past. In the past, Cambria dealt with bulimia and self-image issues, and Cambria only promotes healthy ways to get fit. On Youtube, it’s so easy to come across youtubers who are starving themselves or over-exercising to reach their goals, but Cambria properly balances healthy living with self-love. You can’t help but feel happy and motivated after watching them. Just check out her “Workout with Me” videos on her second channel, Cambria Joy Vlogs and you’ll immediately drop the pizza slice and pick up the weights.

2. Kristee Vetter


Subscribers: 303,070

Kristee is one of those Youtubers in my subscription box who I never miss a video from! Either I watch her videos the day they’re uploaded, or I fall behind and wind up binging on the ones I’ve missed. In the summer of 2017, Kristee started her fitness journey, and  she’s been on her health grind. She uploads about 3-4 times a week, documenting what she eats in a day, her workout routine, the struggles of being on a fitness journey, grocery hauls and more. My favorite video of hers is “Reach Your Goals in 2018.” Loved it! But anyway, Kristee’s motto is “Eat Clean. Train Mean,” and she lives by it. Check out her channel to see how to apply that motto to your life!

3. Chloe Ting


Subscribers: 619,836

Now this one is for all of you looking for high-quality online workout videos. Chloe Ting has a variety of workout videos sprinkled around her Youtube channel. My favorites are all the “Intense Full Body Workout” videos on her channel (and there are many). But whether you’re looking to widen your hips, gets those abs popping or build a booty, she has workouts for you! That last sentence definitely sounded like a Chloe Ting advertisement, but what can you do?

4. Remi Ashten


Subscribers: 2,059,239

Ahhhh...Remi Ashten! Another Youtuber in my subscription box who, along with Kristee Vetter, I prioritize. Remi always makes it to the top of my Youtube to-watch list, because her happiness is infectious beyond words! And I’m not the only one in love with Remi’s positivity, she has two million subscribers on her main channel and almost a million on her vlog channel. Insane. Anyway, I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Remi, and recently, she embarked on a health and fitness journey and boy does her Youtube channel reflect it! You’ll find videos about what she eats in a day, videos dedicated to how she lost over 50 pounds, videos about her workout routine and more! I love me some Remi!

5. Kara Corey


Subscribers: 84,890

Kara Corey is a nutritionist superstar! Honestly, I don’t understand how she doesn’t have more subscribers than she does. On her channel, you’ll find videos focused on the science behind health whether it’s videos about supplements or gut health. I’ve been a longtime subscriber of Kara’s, and I appreciate the combination of honesty and information she brings to her channel. Trying to figure out what video to start with? I suggest you watch her video titled “Healthy Gut Healthy You.” It attacks a topic of importance that Kara highlights quite often on her channel. So start there! 

I, like 99% of the rest of the world, put health and fitness goals ALL (and I mean all) up and down my new year's resolutions list. Whether it be to eat more fruits and vegetables or to hit the gym at least three times a week, fitness is on my mind!  If you feel me on that, subscribe to these lovely women and get your gym pump on!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Cassidy Jackson - Northwestern University

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