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Dec 11 2017
by Cassidy Jackson

8 Resolutions for Next Quarter at Northwestern

By Cassidy Jackson - Dec 11 2017

With quarter one of my freshman year at Northwestern done, quarter two is on the horizon. Yesterday, one of my friends revealed her two goals for next quarter to me, which were to go to a darty (day-party) and to go to the renowned bars off-campus. That got me thinking though...what are my quarter two resolutions? After reflecting on what I wish I did differently first quarter, I came up with some.

1. Talk. Talk. Talk.

Seems simple enough. Just talk to more people right? Honestly though, unlike high school, it’s hard to meet fresh faces. You SEE fresh faces, but you don’t necessarily MEET new faces. Honestly, my friend group is still defined by the girls and guys I met during freshman orientation week. Looking around, all the freshman friendships were formed during the first two weeks of college and have shifted maybe slightly. Don’t get me wrong, though! I love all my friends, but I want to spread my wings a bit and meet a variety of people. It could just be a five minute conversation with a mysterious stranger that goes nowhere, or snagging a new best bud. On Northwestern’s campus, there are over 8,000 people, and I’ve had conversations with I’d estimate about 30. Tragic.

2. Mingle it up in my dorm.

Whenever I walk past the study area in my residential hall, nine times out of ten there’s pods of friend groups spread all over. People I recognize that live in the room across the hall from me sitting with my neighbors. With the amount of time I spend in my dorm building, it would be nice to have a go-to study group. And who knows? Those study-mates could potentially turn into genuine friendships. To kick start the mingling, I plan on taking the simple route and just knocking on the doors down my hall to hopefully get a feel for people.

3. Become besties with some professors.

Pinballing off the last two goals, I want to connect with my professors. In high school, I only truly connected with two teachers, but in college I truly do want to form genuine relationships with professors. Here, the professors are so badass! When it comes to the journalism professors, they’ve all lived lives before teaching that are astounding. I mean J.A. Adande, the ex-ESPN god, teaches here!

4. Fight my social anxiety. archenemy since as long as I can remember. When I first learned what anxiety was and the symptoms connected to it, my immediate thought was “yes...that’s me.” As a kid, my anxiety was oftentimes tied to existential ideas. I would get anxious about death, specifically people close to me dying. Fast forward to college and my anxiety has morphed from that into primarily social anxiety. The idea of eating alone in the cafeteria makes my palms sweat. The thought of going to a social event completely solo makes my heart gallop at the rate of 150 miles per hour. There have been countless moments this quarter where I REALLY wanted to go to an event, but I had no one to go with, so I just didn’t go. I’m really trying to take baby steps towards conquering my social anxiety. Last weekend, I went to an event in my dorm all by myself. My palms were sweaty, my heart was galloping, but I still sat and stayed...for 15 minutes. Which seems like such a tiny accomplishment, but for me, it was massive.

5. Be a sorority girl?!

Hopefully, by January 16, 2018, I’ll be a sorority sister. For Northwestern, recruitment week happens at the start of winter quarter, and it's approaching quickly. My emotions towards rush week are an odd combo of excitement and utter fear. Sorority recruitment week to me just screams anxiety. Having conversations with sorority girls who will be judging me all the while is petrifying. Cross your fingers for me!

6. Join clubs that aren’t just tailored to my resume.

I’m a journalism major and the journalism resume motto is “Experience. Experience. Experience.” With that being said, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of only being involved in writing publications to spruce up your resume (but also because I love writing!). Currently, everything I do outside the classroom is related to journalism. I’m a story director for a podcast club. I’m a sports writer for the newspaper. I’m an interviewer for a club. I’m a writer for Fresh U. I’m a blogger. Yet, there are so many other things that I’m passionate about; feminism, social justice issues, anything creativity based, reading, volunteering, etc. I want my extracurriculars to reflect that, because right now, they don't in the slightest.

7. Don’t drop a class.

This goal is totally tailored to me. Don’t know if any of you guys will relate, but first quarter I dropped an English class, and I truly regret it. I told myself that I couldn’t handle it. I told myself  that it was slowly massacring my mental sanity. In reality, I could have stuck it through. This quarter, the goal is to stick it through and hopefully learn the difference between difficult and impossible.

8. Show more school pride!

I go to Northwestern. When it comes to purple, I only own a purple water bottle, two NU sweatshirts that lay in my drawer (never worn) and three Northwestern shirts from freshman orientation (that rest permanently in my pajama drawer). In my two and a half months, I haven't sported NU pride once. I’ve gone to one football game, because it was mandatory for freshmen. I just ooze Northwestern pride! No, but really I want to change that. I always tell people “I LOVE NORTHWESTERN,” but where’s the proof, Cassidy? Where’s the proof?

I hope I'm not alone on these resolutions! 

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