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Nov 06 2017
by Cassidy Jackson

5 Cool Things To Do on the Weekends At Northwestern

By Cassidy Jackson - Nov 06 2017

Let's admit it! College is tough. There's not a moment where you're not a physical representation of a stress ball. You're technically behind if you're not ahead when it comes to coursework. You usually feel like you're drowning in all your classes except one. It is stressful. But while you're hating life academically, you're supposed to be loving life socially and when you're living the college life the weekend equals freedom. So here are some activities to make your weekends as lit as possible at Northwestern University. 

1. Party!

Although you might have the urge to label all us Northwestern kids as nerds with our heads in the books, the party life here is pretty fire. So if one night you just happen to be feelin’ frisky, grab your girls and guys and hit the town. I’m gonna make a confession though. I’ve been at Northwestern for a month and a half and just went to my first two college parties last weekend. I know. Personally, I wasn’t overjoyed by the partying concept, because I don’t drink or do drugs. I would sum up college parties as a sea of high kids and drunks, pressuring people to drink their body weight of alcohol and get on cloud nine. That wasn’t up my alley. But honestly, the movie portrayal of college parties isn’t accurate. A bottle of jungle juice won’t be shoved down your throat and you won’t be miserable if you don’t drink or get high as a kite. I got all dressed up, left my dorm feeling myself, took some dark lit pics that savored the quintessential moment, grabbed a Coca-Cola slushie from Seven Eleven at two in the morn, refilled my slushie, witnessed the sexual liberty of guys and girls grinding up against each other, and contemplated life with my friend. It was great.

2. Exercise your tiny butt off.

Every week, I etch the words “work out” into my planner under Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But do I ever actually do it? Nope! The only time I’m able to get myself to actually physically go to the gym is on the weekends or at 10 p.m. on a weekday. So, to ward off the freshman 15 for as long as you can (because I mean we all know it’s coming for us, the question is just when), go to the gym. Northwestern’s main fitness center, Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, hosts workout classes throughout the entire day on the weekends such as Cycle Challenge, BodyPump, Yoga Basics, Zumba, etc. So, if you’re not into biking monotonously on the cardio equipment or pumping iron solo, pop into a workout class. Also, if you’re looking to get some fresh air, you can run along Lake Michigan (this is something I have yet to do). A trail runs along the entirety of Northwestern’s campus and all the way down to Chicago, so go ham.

3. Go on a thrifting excursion with the amigos.

Evanston is a hot spot for thrifting. You got Goodwill, Crossroads Trading Co, Salvation Army and more. So, if you’re into thrifting (which I think every college student has to be...since we’re broke), at Northwestern you’re practically sitting in the midst of thrifting gold. On my weekend bucket list I’m planning on thrifting my little heart out for the upcoming winter. I’ll be playing Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” in my head as I snag those grandpa sweaters and patterned scarfs. So, thrift responsibly, my friends!

4. Treat yo self!

Logically, a weekend follows five weekdays, so that means you’ve survived a week of Northwestern classes, clubs and events. *Insert applause* So, treat yo self! Treating yourself can mean a wide range of things as a Northwestern student. It could mean going to Andy’s Frozen Custard in downtown Evanston and consuming 800 calories in one sitting. It could mean calling up Insomnia Cookies at 11 p.m. and dividing 2000 calories worth of cookies between you and some friends. It could mean heading to CampusGear in downtown Evanston and spending $100 on Northwestern spirit wear. You get my point. You could do a wide range of things. Treat yo self, people!

5. Hit up Chitown!

Here’s what you do: Head to Davis Street Metro Station (which is a mile away from Northwestern!). Get on the next train to Chicago, sit on the train for 20 minutes, take it all the way to Ogilvie Transportation Center and BAM! You’re in Chicago! It’s a super easy trek to Chicago from Northwestern and I guarantee you it will feel like you entered a new world. If you’re in Chicago, hit up Michigan Avenue shopping (what am I kidding?! As a college kid, the most we can do is window shop!), visit The Art Institute of Chicago, run along the Lakefront Trail, see a play. Oh and eat at Beatrix! You won’t regret it.  

I hope these five activities get added to your weekend to-do list, because I mean, if your weekend isn't lit in college, then your life isn't lit in college. Am I right?

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