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Oct 27 2017
by Caroline Mulvaney

8 Colleges With Spooky Halloween Traditions

By Caroline Mulvaney - Oct 27 2017

Halloween (or, more accurately, Halloweekend) is one of the most entertaining holidays of the year during college. Costumes, pumpkins, candy and parties — the ideal combination for a fantastic college weekend. But there are a few colleges who go above and beyond in their celebration of the spooky, as if our midterms aren't scary enough already. 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Pumpkin Drop


Following their well-earned stereotype of being the smartest brainiacs in the nation, the students at MIT celebrate Halloween by doing math — no, really. In the Pumpkin Drop event, the participants are required to calculate what conditions would make the biggest "splash" when a frozen pumpkin is dropped from the roof of the Green Building. Then they put their calculations to the test. 

2. Texas A&M: Wicked Woods Haunted Trail


Everything's bigger in Texas, including their Halloween attractions. The Wicked Woods Haunted Trail, hosted by the Kappa Sigma fraternity every year, is the fifth largest haunted house/trail in Texas. It involves taking participants through five acres of haunted woods with a new scare around every turn. And, of course, all proceeds go to charity. 

3. University of Rochester: Scare Fair


Studying is scary. Therefore, by association, libraries are scary. No one embraces this thought process more than the students at the University of Rochester, who turn Rush Rhees Library into a haunted house every year. The house had snakes and spiders from the zoo, several school bands and a scavenger with a prize of getting to go up into the "haunted" Rush Rhees tower. 

4. Georgetown University: Healy Howl


Georgetown has many claims to fame, but one of our favorites is the fact that "The Exorcist" was filmed here and we have the spooky steps to prove it. So every year, Georgetown students gather on Healy Lawn to watch a screening of "The Exorcist." Then, in keeping with the name of the event, students gather outside the iconic Healy Hall and howl at the moon like werewolves. 

5. Carleton College: Halloween Concert


Carleton hosts a giant, eerie concert where all of the bands are dressed in costume, and the crowd is, too. It's an event that's extremely popular among the students — especially the costume contest. 

6. University of Connecticut: Night of the Living Cardboard Canoe Race


This tradition may be the most unique on this list. At the University of Connecticut, the students prep for Halloween by making cardboard canoes themed to match their costumes for that year. On the day of Halloween, they race the canoes in the pool, and there are multiple prizes for things like "Best Costume" and "Most Memorable Capsize." 

7. North Carolina State University: The Krispy Kreme Challenge


The annual "Hike" up Hillsburg Street every Halloween sounds innocent enough, but, of course, members of the Wolfpack have to celebrate Halloween in style. They all dress up in costume and participate in a five-mile run to and from the local Krispy Kreme, while eating a dozen donuts in under an hour. This may be the scariest of them all. 

8. Roanoke College: Ghost Class

Image Credit: Unsplash

We all know the story of the lost colony of Roanoke, so it makes sense that a college in the same place would celebrate Halloween with a flair. Every year, Dr. Tom Carter hosts a class called "Ghosts and Human Perception," focusing on paranormal activity throughout history. The students also get to visit the supposedly haunted Monterey House and put their learning to the test. 

Whether you're dressed as a vampire or in your pajamas, make this Halloween a scarily great one. And try not to be too jealous of the students who are lucky enough to experience these weird traditions — we all have homework due on Monday. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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