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Jan 02 2018
by Caroline Mulvaney

6 Protests and Rallies to Get Involved With in 2018

By Caroline Mulvaney - Jan 02 2018
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As college students (and part of the next generation of America), it's important that we get involved in political causes that we believe in. We are the voices who will shape the future of our country and the social, political and economic situation within it. Starting to change things now is the best way to have things improve in the years to come.

Events like protests, rallies and demonstrations are a great place to begin, because they're low commitment and create a community of like-minded individuals. Here are a few things going on around the country in 2018 that you can get involved in. 

1. Healthcare for All Rose Parade March: Pasadena, CA

The Tournament of Roses parade is an annual parade held in Pasadena on the first day of the year. It's a very popular event, and attracts millions of people from all over the country, with even more watching online and through a live broadcast. The Healthcare for All march will take place right after the Rose Parade, to "bring awareness and build support for Healthcare for All the people." To find out more about the march, you can check out their Facebook page


2. Reproductive Rights Rally: Frankfort, KY

Several organizations, including the ACLU of Kentucky and Planned Parenthood, are coming together to organize this rally. It will be held on January 4th. It's an event that will definitely attract a lot of attention, especially with Kentucky being a state that's right in the middle of the reproductive rights debate. To find out more about the event, there is a Facebook page


3. Women's March: Multiple Locations

The Women's March is about to become a tradition, as numerous cities across the country are hosting marches on the same day as last year: January 20th. A quick look around the Internet should help you find a march going on close to you, or you can check out their official website


4. Love Knows No Borders, No Walls Vigil: Aurora, CO

Organized by Coloradans for Immigrant Rights and AFSC, the vigil is in its ninth year running. On February 4th, handmade valentines are delivered to detained and imprisoned immigrants and immigrants in Sanctuary. It's a great way to spread love while still fighting for a cause you believe in. To find out more about the vigil, look at the Facebook page


5. 2018 Governor Candidates Forum: Detroit, MI

Although this isn't a rally or protest, it is a great way to get politically involved in your community. During the forums, questions will be asked of the candidates about topics that matter to the constituents, and you'll get a chance to see who could be the next governor and affect the future decisions being made. The forum in Detroit has an event site here, and you can also look online to find the forum for your own upcoming governor's race. The Michigan forum is set to take place on March 3rd. 


6. March on Washington: Washington, D.C.

This march is a demonstration of general dissatisfaction with the decisions the government is currently making and the actions they are taking. However, it is still a peaceful protest, and is being organized by RISE Stronger. It's definitely going to attract a very large crowd of protesters from all over the country, and is scheduled for June 4th. There is a website for the march here. 


Dozens more events are scheduled for the next year, especially in the early months of the year. If you're interested in participating in one, check out websites like Resist and Protest to find rallies, marches and protests going on near you. Don't be afraid to get involved in a cause that you believe in – strength comes in numbers, and you'll be surrounded by other people who all believe in the same thing. You could really make a difference in 2018. 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Caroline Mulvaney - Georgetown University

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