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Mar 24 2016
by Caroline Doxsee

15 Things You Have Definitely Skipped Class For

By Caroline Doxsee - Mar 24 2016

Despite telling our parents that we are having a great time in college and doing all our work, there comes a time (or multiple) when we just CAN'T. Whether we stayed up too late binge watching Making a Murderer or recovering from that awful hangover, sometimes you just don't have the best excuse for skipping class. We asked around, and these were some of the reasons class is being skipped.

1. Staying up too late watching Netflix.

One of the most popular excuses for skipping class, because sometimes Making a Murderer is more important than that Economics class at 9:20 AM.

2. Feeling a little "sick."

Whether it's the ice cream binge you caved into last night after finishing your English paper, or that hangover that is making you feel a little "sluggish," sometimes college students will bend their excuses just a tad bit.

3. For the pure pleasure of sleeping in.

Because who doesn't love sleeping in? Why is that psychology class even worth getting up for?

4. Coffee breaks.

I don't know about you, but coffee is a college necessity, or a life essential. Coffee seems to be a good excuse to skip. Who can function without it?

5. Late night talks.

Sometimes talking it out about that boy that broke your best friend's heart or about politics at 2 a.m. is more important than that early morning class.

6. The alarm didn't go off.

Okay, real talk, this is an ACTUAL excuse sometimes that results in sleeping through a class. For those professors who beg to differ, try again.

7. Periods.

For all the ladies out there, you understand. No explanation necessary.

8. Not wanting to see someone.

Maybe it's the girl or guy that screwed you over, or it's the professor that annoys the living hell out of you, this is a viable excuse to skip class.

9. You simply just CAN'T.

No reason, no excuse. You just can't.

10. The weather was bad.

It was overcast with a 10% chance of raining. This is hazardous. Skip.

11. You haven't eaten.

Spending time making your food with love, or being bored to tears in the lecture hall?

12. Needing to "workout."

For the select few who actually diligently workout, good for you. For the rest of us, sometimes we will do ANYTHING else than go to class. Sometimes, this means going to workout.

13. You just simply HATE the class.

Sometimes there is no other reason, but simply because the hatred for that early morning is too much for you to actually get up and go.

14. No tests or quizzes.

Lets be honest, if there is no test or quiz that day in class, what is the point?

15. Because why not skip?

It's college.

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