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Jan 29 2016
by Caroline Doxsee

10 Things English Majors are Tired of Hearing

By Caroline Doxsee - Jan 29 2016

Majoring in English can be the worst and best decision a student can make when picking a major. For those who love the countless literature works and papers that have to be typed up every other day, you can rejoice that some people understand. Others, however, constantly ask us why we are majoring in one of the hardest programs. For those who just don't quite get the satisfaction of the English language, this one is for you.  
1. Oh, so you're majoring in English? Why?

Don't EVER ask English majors this. If we have chosen this major, good chances are we actually like it and want to learn more about it.

2. So, you want to teach English, right?

Here is a fun fact for you, not all of us want to teach in the classroom. Just because we read old literature and write essays upon essays does not mean we want to grade them for the rest of our lives.

3. "Ugh, I hated English in high school."

GREAT. I'm so saddened to here you hated and wasted away the best subject in your high-school career. Don't complain to me about it.

4. "Hey, could you write my paper?"

NEVER, EVER ask us this. If you are taking a general English class, this is actually offensive to ask. Just because I am majoring in it, doesn't mean I enjoy writing papers and essays on the regular. I especially will not write yours. Also, that's cheating, so no thanks.

5. "What do you even do with an English major anyway?"

Ugh, what are you doing to do with your Fashion Marketing major? Definitely not much compared to where an English major can lead you. 

6. Seeing people confuse "to" and "too" and "your" and "you're".

You confusing basic grammatical rules pains us inside.


7. "I hate reading."

This is honestly such a heartbreaking statement for us to hear. Reading books is such a beautiful gift. We are saddened to hear you prefer a sucky, watered-down version of the novel, AKA the movie.

8. "I'm more of a math person."

Okay, that's fine. Go ahead and add all your numbers and I will go and type words on a paper and read beautiful literature. Just know that my side is better.

9. When we hear how good today's modern literature is..

I don't want to hear how you were a "Twilight" fanatic, how "Divergent" is the greatest modern, love story ever written, or how Nicholas Sparks is the best romantic. Go pick up "Persuasion" or "A Farewell to Arms" and tell me how wrong you were.

10. And last but not least, hearing people say "like" every other word.

This is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard to us. It pains us to hear your undeveloped vocabulary. There are other words that exist to describe your feelings.

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Caroline Doxsee - Liberty University

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