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Feb 14 2016
by Caroline Doxsee

10 Signs You're the Social One in Your Friend Group

By Caroline Doxsee - Feb 14 2016

1. You have an opinion on EVERYTHING. 

It does not matter what topic is, boys or how to wear your hair, you always have to leave our two cents in.

2. You LOVE meeting new people, and it is super easy!

Whether you meet other random people in the bagel line or the next seat to you in Psychology, you will always make an effort to get to know them, even if it is only for a short time.

3. You are always cracking jokes.

You're always doing things to lighten up the mood. Most of the time it is inappropriate, but that does not stop you.

4. You are always making the plans.

Whether you are deciding whether or not to stay in on Friday night or ordering Domino's versus Buffalo Wild Wings, you always have the final say.

5. You are always the star in your friends' snap stories.

Whether it is holding hands with a random stranger or slipping on something in public, you always have the spotlight.

6. You find yourself giving friends pep talks about everything.

Whether it is trying to get her to speak to the boy she has been eyeing for weeks or sending that risqué text to the boy that screwed her over, you are always telling them what to do in different situations.

7. You'll do everything you're dared to do.

You don't think I will do it? Watch me.

8. You are constantly introducing your other friends to the friend group.

Unlike some others in your group, you have plenty of friends besides of them. Wherever you are walking, you find yourself introducing them to your other friends.

9. You are unapologetically yourself.

Nothing stops you from saying what you really want to say, and you will never say sorry for being who you truly are.

10. But no matter where you go, you are nothing without your gal pals.

You can be as fiercely independent as you want, but if a girl does not have her girls by her side all the time, what kind of girl is she?

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Caroline Doxsee - Liberty University

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