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Mar 22 2016
by Caroline Doxsee

10 Signs You Are The Messy Roommate

By Caroline Doxsee - Mar 22 2016

When in college, there are many different types of people you will meet. With this comes many different types of roommates. There are the clean ones, the messy-organized, and the one and only, MESSY roommate. These particular roommates can be either impossible to live with, or if you are lucky, you have TWO living together. If you can relate to any of these (while looking for your other sock), this for you, messy roommate. 

1. When picking out an outfit, the clothes you tried to piece together usually end up all over the floor.

2. When people tell you how messy you are.

3. When your roommate asks you to "tidy up your area."

4. Room checks.

5. When you have to dig through your dirty laundry to find a pair of mismatched socks.

6. When you hear stories about how messy you are from your roommates.

7. Cleaning your room for the first time.

8. People can tell the difference which side of the room is yours.

9. When people come over, you know how to "organize" your mess real quick.

10. And when you finally find a roommate as messy as you.

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Caroline Doxsee - Liberty University

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